Patio Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a patio to your property involves some big decisions. From choosing the materials to planning the design, it helps to have all the right knowledge. Below, our patio experts have answered a series of common questions we get asked about Altec patios.


What warranty does an Altec patio have?

While some companies offer the standard 6.5 year QBCC guarantee, Altec goes a step further. We take pride in the patios we install, which is why we offer a Product and Workmanship Guarantee. Designed to give our clients confidence in their investment, these warranties include:

    • •  Product Guarantee: A guarantee of up to 15 years on all patio installations.


  • •  Workmanship Guarantee: Providing a 10-year workmanship guarantee on all patio installations.



Does Altec handle council approvals?

If your patio project needs approval from your local council, Altec has you covered. Our friendly team can advise you throughout the process, or they can handle the required application on your behalf. Either way, this service is free. All you need to do is take care of the council fees.



How much does a patio cost?

At Altec, we tailor each patio to our client’s property and their dream patio design. This means different materials, sizes and environments. If you’re wondering how much your patio will cost, our experts can provide a free and accurate quote.

By assessing your individual property and preferred design, we can advise you on your options and give you a clear idea of the budgets involved. Book your free design consultation today.



Can I install my own patio?

Altec supplies and installs a superior product by reliable builders – we don’t supply Patio DIY Kits. We’re devoted to supplying high-quality patios that can add value and aesthetics to your home. That’s why our service includes the full process of design, supply and installation.



How close to my neighbours’ fence can my patio go?

The exact requirements of your patio’s position will depend on your local council. However, common distance requirements state that most patios must be at least 1 metre from your neighbour’s fence. Our experts can consult you on the specifics during your free consultation.



What styles and designs do Altec offer?

We offer a wide range of styles to suit different properties so everyone can find their perfect patio. Whether you want your patio to be open or enclosed, our designs cater to various building styles.

You can choose from the following options:






    • •  Pergolas – Add a new entertainment spot on your property with a durable pergola



Regardless of the shape of your property or the design you want, Altec can extend your home with an incredible patio. Discover your patio options during your free design consultation today!



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