Pergola Louvre Style Roofing

Like all other Altec products, our pergola style roofing is low-maintenance and looks great.


What is Pergola Style Roofing?

Pergola roofing is typically quite open – pergolas are traditionally just a structure with secondary option added on top for weather protection.

Our pergola roofing options can include louvres, giving a light and shade finish.

Benefits of Pergola Style Roofing

If you aren’t too fussed about poor weather, either too hot or rainy, then pergola roofing may work for you. Benefits include:

  • Open feel
  • High air flow

Unfortunately the heat transfer with this roofing material is quite high, so you may find it’s not the most suitable option for Queensland conditions.

Alternatives to Pergola Style Roofing

We offer a range of more weatherproof roofing materials, including heat deflective and premium options. Check them out below, or contact us on 07 3568 9162 to learn more about your choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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