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We specialise in designing & building patios, carports, extensions, screens & patio deck covers.

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Badge: 50 years of experience

Over 50 years experience

In building amazing outdoor structures for homes in QLD.

Badge: Number 1 patio Builders

QLD’s #1 Patio Builder

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or accepting second-rate results.

Badge: 50 years of experience

Workmanship Guarantee

Altec offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all Commercial Carport installations..

Badge: 15 year product guarantee

Product Warantee

Altec offers up to a 15 year product Warantee on all Commercial Carport installations..


Altec’s expertise in designing and installing top-quality commercial carports

Altec prestige Commercial Carports are crafted from robust materials, featuring hail-resistant and heat-deflecting roofing specifically engineered to provide optimal weather protection for vehicles at your business. Our custom commercial carports not only shield vehicles from the harsh sun and hail storms. They also safeguard them from falling debris such as leaves, as well as bird and bat droppings, which can cause lasting damage to a vehicle’s paintwork and diminish its value over time.

Our Commercial Services

Enhance your business environment with Altec's tailored commercial services, focused on creating outdoor spaces tailored to your needs. From captivating commercial pergolas and inviting patios to sturdy carports and adaptable enclosures, we bring our expertise to elevate your establishment's ambiance. Prioritising low maintenance and durable materials, our solutions offer protection against sun and weather damage, ensuring year-round comfort and appeal in your outdoor commercial areas. Whether it's adding sheltered parking with a robust commercial carport or creating a versatile outdoor space for clients and employees, Altec delivers quality craftsmanship and innovative designs customised to your specifications.

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Altec Patio and a pool
Altec Carport and a front gate
Room with Altec Enclosure
Veranda with Altec Screen
Who we've worked with

Who we’ve built Commercial Carports for

We've had the pleasure of constructing commercial carports for a range of esteemed clients, including Village Fair and Apex Car Rental. Our expertise extends to providing tailored solutions for institutions such as Westside Christian College and organisations like Guide Dogs QLD. Additionally, we've enhanced the parking facilities at commercial properties like Niche Apartments and collaborated with industry leaders like MCD Construction to deliver quality carport solutions.

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“You don’t survive 50 Years if your not providing a product and a service that people want.”

- Mt. Warren Park


Why Choose Altec Commercial Carport Services?

Protect vehicles with Altec Commercial Carports

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicles and preserving their value, investing in a commercial carport from Altec is the smart choice to keep your clients, customers, and staff satisfied. Exposure to harsh weather conditions can lead to costly damage and repairs, but our fully engineered carport designs offer long-lasting protection against the Australian climate.

The relentless Australian sun can also take its toll on vehicle upholstery, dashboards, and seals. Parking vehicles under a high-quality, Australian-made carport from Altec’s carport builders can extend their lifespan by shielding them from the elements and adverse conditions.


Enhance the image of your business

Enhance the professional image of your commercial property with Altec Prestige commercial and industrial carports. Our extensive range of design and colour options, including roofing that complements Colorbond roofing, not only ensures durability but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Crafted from durable, attractive materials renowned for our patio constructions, Altec Prestige Carports feature a seamless design without unsightly rafters. Backed by a 15-year structural guarantee and a 10-year workmanship guarantee, our custom carports provide peace of mind and longevity. When you partner with Altec, the experts in commercial carport construction, you can trust that your investment is built to withstand the test of time.


Custom built carports designed with your business in mind

Experience flexibility and versatility with custom commercial carports from the highly experienced and qualified builders at Altec. Whether you require secure parking for your business vehicles, storage for motorbikes, or protection for motorhomes and boats, our experienced builders will design and construct the perfect carport tailored to the needs of your business.

Invest in a custom-designed Altec commercial carport to keep your business vehicles and recreational assets protected from the elements, ensuring they remain in top condition until your next adventure or business outing.

Roofing Materials

Roofing materials for patio covers

Each roofing material presents unique advantages for commercial carports. With a diverse array of options available, such as Colorbond roofing specifically tailored for commercial use, you have the flexibility to customise your carport's resilience, aesthetics, and illumination to align with your precise requirements.

Explore our range of roofing styles and materials, whether you're in need of a skillion roof, or a gable carport, to discover the ideal fit for your commercial space.

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How Much Does a Commercial Carport Cost?

Commercial carport prices are determined by various factors, including the specific structure you intend to install. Additional considerations impacting costs may encompass intricate and freestanding designs, whether or not a concrete slab is needed, the span and complexity of the construction, and compliance with relevant local council regulations.

Altec's team can assist you with securing council approval for your commercial carport project in Brisbane and throughout Southeast Queensland.

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At Altec, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts, using patio contractors or subcontractors, or accepting second-rate results. We strive to be the best patio, carport and deck builders in Brisbane and surrounds, delivering high-quality outdoor extensions to every customer.

We are fully licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, so you know that you can trust us to get things done by the book. Our high quality workmanship and professional patio installation means you never have to worry about things going wrong.

Every job we complete is done to meet the high standards of the relevant authorities – when you add this to our extensive experience in both design and construction, it’s easy to see why Altec is the #1 patio builder in Queensland.