SkyDome Patio Skylight System

Natural light – waterproof design. The SkyDome patio skylight system is exclusive to Altec and will have your patio looking fresh and feeling comfortable all year round.


The SkyDome System

The revolutionary SkyDome system delivers more natural light under your patio than traditional light panels or skylights.

Incorporating a unique vent system, you’ll also find it cools your patio by allowing hot air to be drawn out, meaning you can enjoy the extra light without the extra heat normally associated with skylights.


"SKYDOME" Exclusive to Altec.

Integrated Easily

SkyDomes come in a range of sizes and can be incorporated into most patio cover designs. Don’t sacrifice light, heat ventilation or style when you select an Altec SkyDome skylight.

• Flexible sized domes to allow for maximum natural, filtered light while remaining 100% waterproof

• Unique vented dome panel to allow trapped hot air to escape - cooling the under roof area

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