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Badge: 50 years of experience

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Altec offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all Patio Roof installations.

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Product Guarantee

Altec offers up to a 15 year product guarantee on all Patio Roof installations.


A large selection of materials for your patio roof or deck cover

Choose from our collection of sturdy roofing materials for outdoor living areas. With a wide range of custom shapes, angles and sizes, Altec is sure to have the perfect solution for your home.

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Deck cover and patio roofing options

Each type of roofing material offers different benefits to homeowners. With a wide range of patio roof options to choose from, including Colorbond roofing, you can customise your roof’s hardiness, style and lighting to suit your exact needs.

Check out each of our patio roofing styles and materials to find out more.

Heat Deflective Roofing

Heat deflective

This classy roofing solution features a premium colour-coated finish to ensure it matches the style of your patio. The construction of heat-deflective roofing minimises heat transfer, helping to keep your outdoor area cool in summer. Heat-deflective roofing doesn’t require an existing structure.

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Composite / Insulated Roofing

Composite / Insulated Roofing

Insulated patio roofing delivers a gorgeous flat ceiling finish that’s perfect for Brisbane homes. The tough insulation offers almost no heat transfer, making your covered patio area comfortable all year-round. No structure is required for the installation of insulated patio roofs.

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Pergola Louvre Style Roofing

Pergola / Louvre Style Roofing

Featuring a louvre-style setup, this roofing material gives you complete control over how much light seeps into your outdoor area. On those cool winter days, you can enjoy the comfort of your outdoor space by basking in the warmth of natural light. An existing outdoor structure needs to be in place to support this style of patio roof

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W-profile patio roofs

If there’s a patio roof material that has been completely engineered for Queensland’s erratic weather, it’s W-profile patio roofing. Each element used in the construction of these patio roof sheets has been tried and tested under the pressure of intense sun, thunderous storms, and even the odd cyclone – so you can trust in the sturdiness of your outdoor patio roof.

W Profile

If strength and durability are the top priorities for your outdoor living space, look no further than W-profile patio roofing systems.


What is W-profile patio roofing?

W-profile patio roofing incorporates a “W” pattern throughout the material. The ridges make the material far stronger than flat materials so it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The production process associated with W-profile patio covers is more intricate than ‘flat pan’ profile brands, but the strength and longevity make it the obvious choice for any patio owner.


“Our job was done just before Christmas last year and even though it is outside the “month after it has been built” period mentioned in your brochure we are happy to show it to any interested parties. Our family and any of our friends who have seen our completed patio are more than pleased with the result, as of course are we.”

Little Mountain


Need some help with patio roof ideas?

From heat-deflective panels to louvres to polycarbonate roofing inserts, Altec provides a wide range of roofing materials for outdoor spaces.

The perfect choice for your home all comes down to three basic points:

  • The style you like
  • The weather you’re expecting
  • The strength you’ll need.

The W-profile roofing system is perfect for all areas that experience storms. So if you live in Southeast Queensland or Northern New South Wales, this style of patio roof is highly recommended.

If you’re unsure how to choose the best patio cover for your home, give us a call on 07 3186 0231!

Our consultants have over four decades’ experience in roofing materials and designs. We can help you explore the full range to find the right patio roofing material to suit your patio space.

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