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Glossary of Terms

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- a brand of fibreglass roofing panel that is fixed (screwed) to a pergola frame. Non structural.


BALCONY- a platform, usually on the outside of a building.
BALUSTRADE- ornamental rail supported by baluster posts.
BARGE- cover strip running down the side of a timber pergola.
BATTEN- a lesser cross member fixed between two more significant members, such as rafters, in order to give additional support.
BEAM- usually refers to the cross member held up by the Patio Cover posts out on the trailing (outside) edge.
BELL FOOTING- an engineer-designed concrete base for the support of a post set into the ground where a concrete slab is absent.
BODY CORPORATE- a committee empowered by the residents/owners of a collective residential/commercial complex to conduct business pertaining to that complex.
BODY CORPORATE APPROVAL- authorization to carry out a requested activity or works to the property concerned.
BOUNDARY CLEARANCE- the distance between the Patio Cover and the property boundary.
BUILDER- the individual or business organization holding a Builder’s License issued by the Building Services Authority, allowing this service to be offered to the general public.
BRAND- a product offered by a particular manufacturer.


CARPORT- an open-sided structure consisting of a roof and supporting posts, for the purpose of accommodating a vehicle.
COLLARLESS TIE- a gable designed without a Collar Tie.
COLLAR TIE- the beam extending from one side of a gable to the other, tying in the two opposing posts.
COLOURCOATEDIn simple terms, sheet metal (or aluminium) is rolled off a large coil and electrostatically heated (heated by electricity).
COLOUR RANGE- the colour choices offered by a manufacturer of a product.
COMPOSITE- a type of Patio Cover made up of a lamination of two metal sheets separated by an insulative fire-retardant foam core
CONVENTIONAL PROJECTION- a Patio Cover design that is attached onto the Fascia of the house below the guttering.
COUNCIL APPROVAL- consent given to a design and construction proposal by the local authority.


DECK COVER- Similar to a Patio Cover; an engineered roof built of a structural sheeting (not roofing iron such as corrugated or Trimdeck) and designed specifically for an existing or proposed deck.
DEFLECTION- the amount of allowed sag to be expected of a beam or particular Patio Cover brand in spanning an intended distance.
DESIGN CONSULTANT- Certified individual professionally trained in designing, drafting, engineering and costing of many brands of patio covers.
DESIGN DRAFT- the drawing prepared by your Altec Design Consultant during the Consultation Appointment.
DESIGN ERGONOMICS- the intended relationship between the structure and the users.
DOUBLE PITCH- two sloping back to back roof sections forming a triangular design shape.
DOWNPIPE- a down pipe can be round or box shaped. It will direct the rainwater from a roof’s guttering system to the property’s storm water system.


EAVE- if your roof overhangs the walls of your house, then the overhang is referred to as the eaves. The width of an eave can vary from one house to another. Some homes may not have eaves all around.
ELECTROLYSIS- the conduction of electricity by an electrolyte inducing chemical change and consequently the destruction of one or more associated components.
ENCLOSURE- side walls, windows and doors added to an existing roofed area.
ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS- engineering tables pertaining to each brand of Patio Cover.
EXTERNAL 'L'- refers to a patio to be roofed that forms an ‘L’ shape as it wraps around the corner of a house.


FASCIA- usually a flat surface beneath the gutter, made of a timber plank or thin ColorBond metal strip that hides the end of the trusses or rafter tails.
FASCIA BRACKET- largely superseded, an elbow-shaped support stub fixed to the Fascia board of the house.
FINIAL- an ornament at the apex of a gable.
FITTER- an industry term referring to an individual specifically qualified to erect a patio cover structure.
FLASHING- a cover or infill to cover a gap.
FLAT PAN- the flat shape of a Patio Cover sheet usually associated with lightweight brands.
FLYOVER- a design where the Patio Cover is attached to a supporting beam and post system raised above the house gutter.
FOOTING- a supporting structure, usually below the surface and used in the absence of a slab. Made of concrete, it will be a bell-shaped block from which the post will stand.
FREE STANDING- a Patio Cover design (or Carport) not connected to or relying on any part of the home or other structure for structural support.


GABLE- a pitched section of roof rising above the height of the patio cover.
GABLE END- either end of a gable, either left open or enclosed.
GAUGE- the thickness of sheet steel or aluminium used by a brand.
GLOSS- surface shine.
GUARANTEE- the standard of performance to be expected by the consumer under prescribed conditions, or replacement shall be made. MORE...
GUTTER- the gutter collects the rainwater as it flows down from your home’s roof. It slopes very slightly toward a down pipe that will direct the rainwater into the storm water system. Your Patio Cover should also have a perimeter gutter, as required by most Councils.
GUTTER GUARD- a galvanized sieve component designed to prevent leaf matter blocking the guttering of the Patio Cover.
GUTTER STRAPa thin metal strip shaped and riveted to connect the Patio Cover gutter to the structural sheet.


HEADER STANDS- engineer-designed supports for Flyover roof designs.
HEAT DEFLECTIVE- the ability to turn back or redirect heat transfer through a product rather than or in addition to simple reflection caused by gloss or shine.
HIP JOINT- the merging of two Patio Covers usually at 90 degree angles, and usually of the same slope.


INTERNAL FITTING- the mechanism to fix from the inside, a post to a concrete slab and ensuring no obvious mounting plate or foot and giving a neater finish.
INTERNAL 'L'- refers to a patio to be built that forms an 'L' as it follows the inside perimeter of two right-angled walls of a house.




KAOLIN- clay used in ceramics and coatings. Increased Kaolin increases the glass level, thus the heat deflection properties.
KING POST- the centre post standing vertically between the collar tie and the apex of the gable.


LAMINAR FLOW- the ability of water to flow across a surface in relation to the amount of friction encountered.
LATTICE- a crisscross design often used within a gable end to add appeal.
LEADING EDGE- the first edge of the Patio Cover fixed to the house fascia.
LIFT- the effect wind will have upon the finished Patio Cover. (Design Wind Pressure x Bearing Dimension = Uniformed Distributed Load in kN).
LIGHT RAFTER- an identical coloured metal rafter spanning out to the load bearer, placed to affix electrical lights and to conceal the electrical cable.
LOAD BEARER- the trailing edge (outside) beam supporting the outside edge of the patio cover.


MANUFACTURER- the producer of a particular brand (not to be confused with the builder).


NATURE LIGHT- a thin polycarbonate lighting strip cut into the Patio Cover roof during the construction period, in order to allow light penetration.
NOISE REDUCTION PROFILING- aimed at reducing noise caused during rain, additional contouring or shaping to the pan of a patio cover brand (usually 'W' profiles as further manufacturing costs are imposed).
NON-COMPLIANT- a Patio Cover not built ot the correct engineering specifications and/or council requirements.
NORTH- Magnetic North.


ORB- the corrugated shape.
ORIENTATION- the aspect of the Patio in relation to West.
OVERHANG- where the Patio Cover may project beyond the trailing edge (outside) beam.
OVERSPAN- exceeding the projection capabilities as stated by the brand engineering specifications.



- a Patio area which has a side wall adding additional engineering ramifications (lift) to your patio design.


- this is simply the ground or floor area. It may be a concrete slab, grassed or paved


- an engineered system, forming the roof over the Patio. The structural sheeting is usually more sophisticated than simple roofing iron. It is the modern evolution of the maintenance-intensive timber pergola.


- a frame only, usually consisting of timber, though modern Pergolas such as those designed and built by Altec can be made of powder-coated metal (steel or aluminium).


- the degree or angle of a slope.


- the undesired collection of water on top of a Patio Cover due to the incorrectly designed slope promoting leakage and or eventual collapse in some Patio Cover brands.


- a fastening metal pin intentionally distorted and calamped as an alternative to the long-term reliance upon the holding capability of a threaded screw.

POSITIVE LOCK- the sheet locking system associated primarily with the 'W' profile type Patio covers, this engineered joining system of one sheet with another is stronger, water tight and less visible.
POST- vertical member holding up the supporting beam(s).
POTABLE- a storm water collection system designed for drinking water storage.
POWDER COAT- this process involves coating a surface with a powder, using compressed air or by electrostatic adhesion. The surface is then heated to melting point, evenly flowing and covering the surface. When it dries, it forms a very durable long-life finish.
PROFILE- the engineer-designed shape of a particular brand of Patio Cover which will have consequential effects upon that brand’s engineering ability and suitability for design variations.


QBSA- Queensland Building Services Authority.
QUOTE- an estimation as to what a particular design and a particular brand may cost, this usually forms the basis for a formal building agreement to be entered into.


RAFTER- a roof beam not usually associated with Patio Covers. It will project from the leading edge (house fascia) to the trailing (outside) edge.
RAFTER BRACKETS- steel plate and threaded rod connecting the Patio Cover to the trusses of the home’s roof.
RAFTER TAILS- the very ends of the top cords of the house trusses.
REAR RECEIVER- the component responsible for fixing the structural roof sheeting of a Patio Cover to the house fascia.
RELAXATION- pertaining to the requested construction of a design not complying with the standard building regulations, thus requiring the local Council to grant a dispensation.
REVERSE PITCH- a Patio Cover design with the roof sloping back towards the house.
RISING SUN- a fan design used to style a gable end.
RUBBLE PIT- approximately 1 cubic meter ground cavity filled with a 20mm aggregate to accommodate storm water runoff not able to be connected to existing stormwater.


SAG- also known as 'deflection', it is the the amount of bend a Patio Cover brand will experience over a projected distance.
SCREENED ENCLOSURE- a Patio Cover incorporating side walls constructed from insect mesh frames and doorways.
SKYDOME- an individual brand of skylight and waterproof vent combination used mainly with 'W' profile heat deflective Patio Covers.
SLAB- a concrete pad to which the posts of the Patio Cover may be anchored.
SLOPE- the fall of the Patio Cover directing flow of rain water off and into a gutter (usually away from the home).
SPAN (BEAM)- the distance along the load bearing beam between the posts.
SPAN (ROOF)- the distance the Patio Cover reaches from the initial point (ie, the house fascia) to the load bearing beam at the trailing (outside) edge.
STATIC LOUVRE- parallel slats incorporated into a Patio Cover. It may also be used as a vertical screen.
STIRRUP- metal loop embedded or bolted to the concrete to support a post usually of timber.
STRUCTURAL GUTTER- a higher guage box section guttering product sometimes used in combination with the 'W' profile heat deflective Patio Covers in the absence of a load bearing beam.
SUBCONTRACTOR- a fitter or installer employed by the builder or operator to perform the actual building of the structure or patio cover.
SWARF- thin metal shavings caused by drilling or cutting.


TEC SCREW- a screw designed for fixing into soft or thin metals.
TOP CORD- a rafter section of the truss angling down and forming the slope of the roof.
TRAFFICABLE BEAM CLEARANCE- the height under the load-bearing beam where foot traffic can occur (min. 1988mm).
TRAILING EDGE- the outside or finishing edge of the Patio Cover.
TRAPEZOIDAL- parallel profiling added to simple roof sheeting to add limited structural integrity of the sheet.
TRIM DECK- a flat roof profile with frequent trapezoidals. Needs to be supported by rafters and purlins.
TRUSS- framework supporting the house roof. Not a component of Patio Covers.


UNENCLOSED- refers to a Patio cover without sidewalls.


VALLEY GUTTER- the meeting of two sloping roofs forming an internal 'L'.


WALL BRACKET- a steel support for a load bearing beam that substitutes for a post by fixing to the wall of the house.
WARRANTY- an expressed standard of performance usually conditional upon other factors.
WATERSHED- the rain water cast off from the Patio Cover.
WEST- where the sun sets and the most important direction when consiering Patio Cover designs in Queensland.
WIND RATING- the highest potential wind speed allocated to a geographic area or region.
WING- a flat section of the roof located either side of a gable.
WORKMANSHIP- the quality and skill employed during the construction as seen at the conclusion of the completed project.
'W' PROFILE- a ‘w’ shaped structural sheeting so designed to increase the spanning limitations associated with flat pan profiles, give less deflection (sag) induced by the weight of rain water and less required slope, thus preserving head height under the beam.






'Z' FLASH- a specifically formed colorbond flashing design to ensure waterproof integrity of Composite roofing panels.
ZERO BOUNDARY- an anomaly to normal council building regulation, whereas a house may be built on the side boundary for a specific distance.
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