Frequently Asked Questions

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make – it’s only natural to want to know everything you possibly can before choosing to alter it.

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

Do I want a patio or a pergola?

Al says: It all depends! As completely different things, what you choose will depend on the location and purpose of your new structure. Generally speaking, pergolas are completely detached from your home while patios extend your home.

Who should be involved in the design process?

Tec says: Aside from our experienced consultants, it’s best to have all the key stakeholders around throughout the design and construction phases. Often this means you and your partner, so if possible, it saves time to arrange appointments for times when you can both be present.

What design of patio, carport or extension should I choose?

Al says: Like any product, brands used for construction can differ greatly when it comes to quality. Be aware when researching that many will claim to possess characteristics like heat deflection, but not all brands and products live up to their promises. All of our consultants have extensive knowledge across the brands available, so don’t be shy – ask as many questions as you like when you have a chat with them!

How do I know I’m getting good value?

Tec says: You get what you pay for, so choose carefully. As a general rule, the lightweight patio covers tend to be cheaper and weaker in a structural sense. When choosing a brand, consider things like materials, profiles, joins and finishes – each of these affect the overall quality of the final result, from both an aesthetic and an engineering and safety point of view. An Altec Design Consultant can help you determine the best brands and materials for your home design.

What should I consider when designing my new space?

Al says: Consider how you intend to use your new living area. Everyone in your home will want to enjoy it, so get everyone involved. Also think about any problems or issues currently existing with that area that you would like to solve – heat, rain, furniture deterioration, access and useability are common themes we tend to hear about during the design phase.

Is a workmanship guarantee necessary or useful?

Tec says: You may be tempted to cross this off the list of essential elements to consider when beginning the search for a specialist patio and carport builder, but we recommend looking for a company that includes substantial guarantees wherever possible. Any warranties or guarantees should be given by the company you sign your Building Agreement with and not a subcontractor. Don’t settle for a 6.5 year QBCC guarantee – that should be standard for all registered builders in case they become insolvent.

Do I need a Qld Building and Construction Commission insurance policy?

Al says: If your project is in Queensland and is over $3,300 you MUST have a QBCC policy. Other states may require insurance policies from private firms. You also need to know that your builder is registered and possesses the relevant Registration Authority Card. A reputable builder will usually wear this card in clear view for clients to see.

Will living within 2km of a marine environment affect me at all?

Tec says: Many warranties are limited (thus the term “Limited Warranty”) by often unavoidable conditions such as living near the ocean, canals or even saltwater swimming pools. Some brands will offer guarantees where these types of conditions will not be imposed. If you can, choose a brand that offers a guarantee rather than a limited warranty.

How long will a quote take?

Al says: The time it takes to quote will vary depending on the company you choose to take care of your project. If your consultant takes less than 30 minutes to work out your quote, it could be a warning flag – the quote may not be entirely reliable, and you could end up with extra costs further down the line. Best-practice quoting can take time. Your consultant should listen carefully to your needs and take you through the options available for designs, materials, styles and costs. You should end the appointment feeling like you have a clear vision of what you want and what you will get.

Can I get finance for a new patio or home extension?

Tec says: The short answer is yes! If you choose Altec, you can get up to $24,000 – and that’s with no interest! If you want to know more about our finance options, head over to our Finance page or get in touch with our team.

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Product Guarantee

Altec offers up to 15 year product guarantee on all patio installations.

Workmanship Guarantee

Altec offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all patio installations.