Outdoor Patio Blinds

Control the levels of light and shade in your patio with Altec’s great range of outdoor patio blinds. With a variety of styles and colours available, our patio blinds can be customised to suit your every need.

Whether you love a little extra protection from the elements or a burst of natural light – you can transform your patio for the better with Altec’s wide range of outdoor patio blinds.


A Selection of Patio Blind Designs

Each of Altec’s outdoor patio blinds are designed to blend in as naturally as possible with the rest of your outdoor area. Whether you’re building from scratch or adding to an existing patio, your blinds will always complement your outdoor area.

Our Suntec blinds are available in all the same colours as our patio materials, so your blinds will look right at home. You can either match the colour perfectly for a seamless flow, or find the perfect contrast for a little added character.

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Hardy Fabric to go the Distance

Outdoor patio blinds need to be far stronger than your average blinds. After all, they’ll cop far more than just the sun throughout their lifetime. Particularly in New South Wales and Queensland, they’re bound to cop the brunt of summer’s worst storms. And if they’re facing the full force of rain, hail and heavy winds, it’s essential they’re made from the right stuff.

Each fabric we use has been engineered to deal with these specific conditions. If live near the coast of Australia, you’ll love the style and sturdiness our outdoor blinds bring to your patio.

But all this toughness doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one style of blind, or one specific weave. In fact, you can choose from any style in our range of patio blind weaves – ranging from 1% to 5% openness. This means you can all but block out any wind, breeze and dust from getting in – or create a little room for a light breeze to seep through.

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Our styles of Blinds


Straight Drop, Spring Operated Awning

This straight drop external awning is similar to an internal roller and is perfect for conserving space. This awning spring loaded with an up or down control, and a very easy pull down and hook design.

The awning can be rolled away smartly into an optional colour coordinated weather box (hood) providing protection for your awning when retracted.

Features and benefits:
5 Sided Aluminium Bottom Bar
Stainless Saddle & Hook or Tonneau Loops & Buttons
Zinc Plated Brackets Standard
63mm Aluminium Top Tube
(No Bottom Valance Available)

Pull Down Stick
Stainless Steel Brakcets Upgrade
Weather Box (Hood)

Straight Drop, Multi Stop Awning

This Multi Stop Awning with its unique design provides you with complete control of the awning positiong. The awning is held in place by a simple twist of the bottom rail.

This spring operated awning is designed to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year round without creating a visual barrier. Our unique aluminium side channels can be used as posts, allowing for greater areas to be covered.

Features and benefits:
Unique Channel Post Feet
5 Sided Aluminum Bottom Bar
63mm Aluminium Top Tube
Unique Snap Infill for easy Face Fit (conceals screws)

Pull Down Stick
Pull Down Handle
Aluminium Cassette & Bottom Valance Available


Straight Drop, Crank Handle Awning

This straight drop awning is similar to an internal roller. The awning can be rolled up out of the way of positioned to your desired height. A lock down latch set is also supplied which keeps the fabric taut when locked down.

Crank handle operation allows you to manually operate this awning. A cassette hood or weather box is also available.

Features and benefits:
Grad 316 Stainless Steel Lock Down Latch Set
Extra Heavy Duty T6 Aluminium Bottom Rail
80mm T6 Aluminum Top Tube
Aluminium Brackets
Crank Handle

Aluminium Casset with Dire Cast End Caps
Weather Box and Bottom Valance Available
Gear Box Colours: Black, White, Ivory and Grey

Straight Drop, Side Channel Awning

The smooth operation of the side channel awning can be done via crank handle or full motorisation which is effective and easy to use. Our unique side channels securely house the fabric and heavy duty bottom rail. The side channel can be used as posts, allowing for greater areas to be covered.. Lock in pins are used to lock off the bottom rail at your desired position.

The options aluminium cassette is recommended when motorising.

Features and benefits:
Extra Heavy Duty T6 Aluminium Bottom Rail
80mm T6 Aluminium Top Tube & Aluminium Brackets
Unique Channel Post Feet
Unique Snap Infill for easy Face Fit (conceals screws)
Standard Felt Strips – Crank Handle

Aluminium Cassette with Die Cast End Caps
Weather Strip and Bottom Valance Available


How Much do Outdoor Patio Blinds Cost?

It all comes down to your specific patio sizing and fabric needs. That’s why our team will take the time to understand your requirements, and tailor a patio blind solution for you.

Simply reach out to a friendly member of our team, and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation quote for your outdoor patio blinds.

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Product Guarantee

Altec offers up to 15 year product guarantee on all patio installations.

Workmanship Guarantee

Altec offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all patio installations.