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Brisbane Patio Designs & Ideas

Altec designs and builds patios to suit every property with high-quality materials to ensure our patios can withstand Queensland’s climate. Working across Brisbane northside, southside and the surrounding areas, including Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, our expert team of patio builders create custom designs to suit each client’s unique requirements.

Choosing the right design is essential to optimising your patio’s appearance and functionality. If you’re not sure what type of outdoor structure best suits your north or south Brisbane home, our gallery of patio designs is the ultimate source of inspiration.

Flyover patio designs

Flyover patios are perfect for Queensland homes. Offering plenty of head height and ventilation, this popular style is characterised by an elevated roof supported by reinforced beams. One of the most appealing aspects of flyover patios is how easy they are to adapt – from spacious outdoor areas to smaller, simpler designs, they can be customised to suit a wide range of structures.

Flyover patios can also help you beat the heat – the roofing materials used in flyover patios are designed to deflect high temperatures, keeping your outdoor area cool and comfortable all year round. The height of a flyover patio roof can also be adjusted depending on your property’s dimensions..

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Gabled patio designs

Eye-catching yet functional, gabled patio designs feature an elevated centre and sloping sides. Whether you own a classic Queenslander or a more modern home, this style of patio can complement any house. Even if the roof of your patio is set relatively low, opting for a gabled design will make your outdoor area feel spacious and airy.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the distinctive pitched roof of a gabled patio also allows for efficient water runoff during heavy rain. This can help minimise the risk of water damage in your outdoor area, making storm season much less stressful.

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Pergola patio designs

With their unique visual appeal, pergola patios can make your outdoor area stand out from the crowd. If you can’t decide between a traditional pergola and a more waterproof patio, Altec offers the best of both worlds. We can design a patio and pergola hybrid, providing you with a combination of open-air and sheltered outdoor spaces.

Choosing the right building materials is essential to guarantee the structural integrity of a pergola patio. To make sure your pergola is built to last, our team can help you select materials capable of combating Queensland’s extreme climate. And for your peace of mind, we don’t use patio contractors or subcontractors — all construction work is carried out by our team of experienced patio builders. If you need expert advice on choosing patio design ideas, get in touch with Altec to arrange a free design consultation today.

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