What is 'W' Profile roofing and how does it benefit?

'W' profile roofing brands are widely regarded as Australia's highest cyclone and wind rated roofing systems due to their special ability to resist sagging, leaking, bowing or splitting during severe weather conditions such as storms.

This fatigue can be caused by intense wind pressure and the weight of torrential rain.

Whilst the manufacturing process of the ‘W’ profile brands is far more intricate than ‘Flat Pan’ profile brands, strength, reliability and longevity is greatly enhanced.

Designs too can be flexible with ‘W’ profile brands as engineering specifications are stronger and allow better spans even in higher wind speed areas. Remember: A roof’s biggest enemy is the wind!

Ideal for High Wind Areas

The ‘W’ Profile roofing system is perfect for all areas that experience storms, and as such, are highly recommended for South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. (W33 – W50 wind rated)

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