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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Premium Commercial Patio Enclosures by Altec

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Badge: 50 years of experience

Over 50 years experience

In building amazing outdoor structures for homes in QLD.

Badge: Number 1 patio Builders

QLD’s #1 Patio Builder

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or accepting second-rate results.

Badge: 50 years of experience

Workmanship Guarantee

Altec offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all Commercial Patio installations.

Badge: 15 year product guarantee

Product Warantee

Altec offers up to a 15 year product Warantee on all Commercial Patio installations.


Altec’s expertise in designing and installing top-quality commercial patios.

Altec is renowned as Australia’s premier destination for transforming outdoor spaces with our commercial patio solutions. Our team stands out for our dedication in using top-quality materials, maintaining impeccable workmanship standards, and providing competitive pricing in the commercial patio industry. With these principles at the forefront, we guarantee satisfaction with every commercial patio design and installation project.

Securing genuine value for your investment hinges on tailoring a bespoke build suited to your commercial space. From alfresco restaurant patio enclosures to relaxing outdoor retreats, trust us to collaborate with you in crafting a practical and stylish commercial patio enclosure that will enhance your establishment for years to come.

Our Commercial Services

Transform your business with Altec's comprehensive commercial services, tailored to create the perfect outdoor space for your needs. From inviting commercial pergolas and patios to sturdy carports and versatile enclosures and screens, we've got the expertise to enhance your establishment's atmosphere. Our solutions prioritise low maintenance and durable materials, guarding against sun and weather damage while ensuring your outdoor commercial spaces have an inviting atmosphere all year-round. Whether you're in need of a commercial pergola to elevate your outdoor dining experience or a robust commercial outdoor patio for extended seating options, Altec has you covered with quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

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Altec Patio and a pool
Altec Carport and a front gate
Room with Altec Enclosure
Veranda with Altec Screen
Who we've worked with

Who we’ve built Commercial Patio Enclosures for

We've had the privilege of constructing commercial patio enclosures for a variety of esteemed clients. From enhancing the outdoor spaces at Village Fair to accommodating the needs of Apex Car Rental, our expertise extends to a diverse range of industries. We've also provided tailored solutions for institutions like Westside Christian College and organisations such as Guide Dogs QLD. Additionally, our portfolio includes projects for commercial properties like Niche Apartments, and collaborative efforts with industry leaders like MCD Construction.

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“You don’t survive 50 Years if your not providing a product and a service that people want.”

- Mt. Warren Park


Why Choose Altec Commercial?

We have over 40 years’ experience in building extraordinary spaces and outdoor structures for households and the commercial sector in Queensland and New South Wales. This has given us the opportunity to hone our skills and source quality, durable materials and brands.

Our experience and discernment for quality allows us to offer you our famous 10-year workmanship guarantee, which is given to you in writing. If you sell your business, our guarantee is transferable to the new owner.

Don’t settle for limited warranties or standard – and compulsory – 6-year cover. Accept nothing less than the best when you choose Altec for your new patio, carport, enclosure, deck or extension.

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Your Space, Your way

We understand that every commercial space has its own unique requirements and aesthetic preferences. That’s why we approach each project with a tailored mindset, recognising that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it’s designing commercial patio covers, carports, decks, or enclosures, we take into account the layout, style, and desired aesthetic appeal of your establishment.

Do you have a specific vision or style in mind for your commercial space? Fantastic! Our team is here to collaborate with you and bring those ideas to life. We believe in giving you complete control over the design process, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with your vision. After all, it’s your commercial space, and our goal is to use our expertise to create an outdoor structure that truly suits the needs of your business.

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At Altec, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts, using patio contractors or subcontractors, or accepting second-rate results. We strive to be the best patio, carport and deck builders in Brisbane and surrounds, delivering high-quality outdoor extensions to every customer.

We are fully licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, so you know that you can trust us to get things done by the book. Our high quality workmanship and professional patio installation means you never have to worry about things going wrong.

Every job we complete is done to meet the high standards of the relevant authorities – when you add this to our extensive experience in both design and construction, it’s easy to see why Altec is the #1 patio builder in Queensland.