Summer is just around the corner, which means entertaining season is creeping up as well! Over the cooler months, you may have let your deck be taken over by leaves and debris, but with clearer days here, it’s time to get on top of that. Resealing your deck is important for keeping it looking great as well as protecting the timber from the elements.


Here are our top tips for resealing your deck:

  1. 1. Clean it thoroughly

You can’t reseal your deck until it has been properly cleaned. This generally means using a pressure washer, but if you aren’t experienced with this, it can be worth getting a professional in. Bear in mind, if you don’t use the washer correctly, you may damage the wood.

  1. 2. Treat and/or repair any damaged areas

If you notice any cracks or splintered places on your deck, sand them before attempting anything else.

  1. 3. Select a quality sealant

Make sure you match your wood and sealant appropriately. If possible, it’s always worth consulting an expert when it comes to this.


When should you reseal your deck?

How often you need to reseal your deck can depend on a few factors. These may include:

  • •  What type of stain or sealant was used
  • •  How extreme the weather is
  • •  How exposed to the weather your deck is.

As a guide, you shouldn’t have to reseal your deck more than once per cycle of seasons (so once a year). This is generally the case for places with high temperatures, or if your deck is fully exposed to sunlight. With a quality sealant and some degree of weather protection, every 2-3 years will often suffice.


Checking your deck

It can be tricky to tell when your deck needs resealing. Pour water on it and see whether it beads or soaks in. If it soaks in, it may be time to reseal it – water getting into the wood can be a recipe for warping and damage. Alternatively, if you can see cracks and bubbles on the surface of the finish, this is a fairly safe indicator that it is time to reseal.

When it comes to protecting your deck, putting in a little bit of cash and elbow grease now really is worth the effort – it can save you having to invest in replacing your deck earlier than you would have to otherwise.

For any questions regarding deck maintenance or installation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team can give you all the info you need to keep your deck looking sharp and protect it from the elements.


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