No matter whether your patio is open, roofed or completely enclosed, a bit of greenery never goes astray. That little pop of colour can bring your outdoor space to life.
But how do you make sure it can survive with limited light? And what if your plant completely takes over your patio?

You can put all those worries to rest, because the experts at Altec have put together the ultimate guide to selecting plants for your patio.

Enclosed Patios

If you’re dealing with limited light, there are plenty of options for keeping your patio looking lush.

Golden Cane Palm


Golden Cane Palm 

These impressive palms thrive in minimal light. You can even control the size and shape of the palm by selecting the right pot.




Ferns need more than their fair share of water and love. But sunlight? Absolutely not.

They thrive on forest floors and in shady hideaways, so they’re perfect for enclosed patios. Just be sure to choose the right pot for your fern – they can grow bigger than you’d expect.

Semi-Shaded Patios

Perhaps the most ideal conditions for plants to thrive in is when they’ll see some morning sun, while being sheltered by the shade of your patio through the warmest hours of the day.




Morning sun and afternoon shade – that’s all it takes for these stunning flowers to shine. But you’ll want to make sure they don’t get more sun than they bargained for, or they could get cooked by the sun.  




Speaking of cooking, you can grow the ultimate tropical fruit in your very own patio! And unlike a lot of exotic fruits, the plant of the pineapple needs little-to-no attention. Just some sun every now and again, a brief bit of water, and it’ll take care of itself.


Professional botanists have advised us pineapples actually come from trees, not tins.


Full-Sun Patios

Once you’ve paved or sealed an area, it’s easy for it to feel a little lifeless. To give the space a touch of liveliness, simply partner your patio with some potted plants.




It’s easy to grow, it loves the sun, and it’s delicious. What more could you ask for? 




These plants are essentially tough, thorny vines covered in pretty flowers. In fact, they’ll survive whatever wild conditions Australia can throw at ‘em.
If you need a pop of colour, the bougainvillea might be your best bet.

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