Want to enjoy your outdoor living lifestyle all year round? Designed to keep your patio warm in winter and cool in summer, Altec’s insulated roofing works by creating a barrier between your patio and the elements. It can block the icy bite of a cold breeze, and keep intense heat at bay on hot days.

If you’re not convinced you really need insulated roofing, don’t make up your mind until you know all the benefits.


Easy Climate Control

It might be known as a tropical paradise, but South East Queensland isn’t immune to less-than-ideal weather conditions. From relentless heatwaves to sudden cold snaps, this part of the Sunshine State is prone to extreme weather events.

Insulated roofing acts like a force field against bad weather, so you don’t have to go running indoors at the first sign of extreme temperatures.


Energy Savings

If you never seem to turn off your outdoor area’s overhead fan during summer, insulating your patio’s roof could make a huge difference to your power bills. The same goes for using portable heaters during winter; rather than relying on electricity-guzzling appliances to keep your outdoor area at a comfortable temperature, insulated roofing is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.
With skyrocketing energy costs to contend with, covering up your outdoor area with an insulated roof is a cost-effective way to knock a few hundred dollars off your next power bill.


Termite Protection

A termite infestation is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Depending on how far the infestation has spread, getting rid of these pesky critters can be expensive. You may have to relocate while the extermination process takes place, or even rebuild parts of your home.

To safeguard your house against pests, Altec uses ant- and termite-resistant insulation. Installing this type of insulation will add an extra layer of protection to your home, so you can have peace of mind knowing tiny bugs aren’t eating through your property’s foundations.


The Aesthetic

An insulated roof can work wonders for the look of your outdoor area, in addition to making it more comfortable. Altec’s insulated roofing comes in a range of colours and finishes, allowing you to easily find a style that blends in with your home’s exterior.

If you’d like to learn more about Altec’s insulated roofing options, get in touch with our team today. Whether you’re thinking of adding a roof to an existing patio or you’re building a brand new outdoor area, Altec can help you choose the perfect roofing solution.


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