Technology can take your outdoor area to a whole new level. The right products can change your outdoor lifestyle for the better, from keeping cool to staying connected. Here are our favourite tech tips for keeping your patio cool and enjoying your time outdoors.



This might not sound like the most high-tech feature, but don’t underestimate the power of a good fan. Lots of fan units are designed especially for use in outdoor areas, so you can enjoy a breeze on your patio even at the height of summer.

Not sure how to spot a good outdoor fan? Be sure to keep an eye out for weather-resistant designs. The blades should be made from durable materials like timber, or UV-resistant plastic. Your fan’s motor should also be sealed against moisture, so it doesn’t conk out on humid days.


Evaporative Coolers

Unlike most normal air-conditioning systems, evaporative coolers can be effective in outdoor areas (as long as the space you’re trying to cool isn’t too large). Have you ever noticed that the temperature tends to drop near large bodies of water like the ocean? That’s because water evaporates heat from the air. Evaporative coolers work in a similar way. Hot air enters the unit where it is filtered through cooling pads, before being released in a stream of cool air.

They might not create the same fridge-like effect as typical air-conditioner, but an evaporative cooler can still make heatwaves more bearable.


Misting Systems

Rather than staying cooped up inside all summer, a misting system can help you beat the heat outdoors. By showering your patio in a light cloud of water, a good misting system offers sweet relief from soaring temperatures without causing water damage.

You can get a portable misting system, or install a system in the roof of your patio.


Strong Wi-Fi

If you’re trying to enhance your patio with technology, a good Wi-Fi signal is essential. Whether you want to catch up on Netflix in a cool outdoor setting or stream your favourite songs while eating alfresco, having a patio with internet access can come in handy. But if your outdoor area is situated too far away from your modem, the signal might be patchy.

You don’t need any complicated gadgets to connect your outdoor area – simply use a Wi-Fi range extender. This device can ensure your patio always has access to the internet.

And, of course, you can personalise your area as much as you want. From outdoor stereo systems to fun lighting, there are heaps of ways you can tech-up your outdoor living area to make it the place to be this summer.


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