Adding a bit of privacy screening to your outdoor area is a necessity for many homes in urban and suburban locations. But what type of screening is best for your yard? When it comes to building structural features to enhance privacy, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s unpack the pros and cons of blinds and louvres so you can make an informed choice.


Wind Blocking


Blinds are great for completely shielding a space without blocking off natural lighting. They’re also ideal for outdoor areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, as you can raise or lower them based on the position of the sun at different times of the day; no more trying to block out the glare while you relax outside.

You can get blinds in a colour that suits your structure and décor, and they’re fairly easy to maintain – they just need to be wiped over occasionally to avoid dirt build-up and keep the moving parts free from grime.

Do keep in mind that blinds will likely need to be set into a frame to ensure they don’t flap around in windy conditions.


Wind Blocking


Static louvres are great if you need to maintain a high level of air flow and light in your space, but still need a bit of privacy or shade from a certain angle. The word ‘static’ makes them sounds quite limited, but louvres come in several different configurations.

They can be built into an otherwise solid section of roof, opening up your space partially. Louvres can also be fitted throughout your entire roof, opening it up even more. Alternatively, they make an effective feature in the structure’s vertical spaces – they’re a great option when you don’t want to fully enclose your area with walls, but still need something to block the sun or the view from next door.

The main challenge for louvres can be cleaning. When they’re built into the roof or upper walls, accessing them may be difficult, making regular maintenance trickier. Of course, it’s nothing a good pressure washer, broom or ladder can’t handle!


The main points to consider

When you’re deciding whether blinds or louvres suit your outdoor space, these are the main questions to ask yourself:

  •   What am I trying to block, and why do I need to block it?
  •   How big is my space? Is it a small or large outdoor area?
  •   Do I need a screen that offers a shield from ceiling to floor?

If you need to block out the sun because it’s extremely hot, you may opt for louvres to allow for breeze. Alternatively, if you need to block the whole area off from nosy neighbours, you may be better off going for blinds that you can roll all the way down when you’re trying to enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

If you have any questions on either of these options, make sure you contact our experienced team members – they can help you pick the perfect screen!


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