Privacy and Protection for Patios and Carports

Are you trying to shield your patio or carport from prying eyes? Or maybe you want to secure your structure against thieves and bad weather? Altec can help you do all of the above! With a few simple alterations, you can easily enhance your outdoor area’s privacy and protection. Here’s how:


Make the Most of Your Garden

Shielding your patio or carport behind a dense wall of greenery won’t just keep nosy neighbours at bay – you’ll also be less likely to get robbed. Since opportunistic thieves won’t be able to see your patio (or as many entry points into your house), they won’t be as tempted to take advantage of any unattended valuables.

From hedges to large pot plants, you can use any type of foliage to prevent passers-by from peeking into your outdoor area. Growing enough greenery to make your patio or carport feel protected can take quite a bit patience and gardening skills, but the end result will be worth your time and effort.


Install Protective Features

Plants and trees may offer some concealment, but they don’t exactly guarantee complete protection against thieves and stickybeaks. If you’re looking for a more concrete solution to your outdoor area’s lack of privacy and protection, Altec can help you install a custom-made privacy or weather screen. Made of low-maintenance materials designed to withstand the elements, these screens can cope with rain, hail and sky-high temperatures.

In addition to making your outdoor area feel more like your own private sanctuary, having a weather screen in place means you won’t have to worry so much the next time a thunderstorm rolls into town. From colour-coated lattice to static louvres, you can choose to build your screen from a range of materials at Altec.


Enclose Your Outdoor Area

If you really want to make your patio or carport feel secure, enclose the entire area to create an indoor/outdoor hybrid space. You’ll still be able to enjoy alfresco living, but with more privacy and superior protection against bad weather. Built to last, our screen enclosures come with powder-coated aluminium frames. All you need to do is slide open the doors and windows to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors.

Every patio is unique, and finding the right solution to your structure’s lack of privacy and protection can be tricky. Get in touch with Altec to learn more about making alterations to your outdoor area today.


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