Do you want a stylish and practical outdoor space like the ones always featured in gardening magazines and on renovation shows? The professionals might make it look easy, but a lot of people just don’t have the time, money or expertise to turn their plans into a reality.

Enter: the outdoor living ideas that will make your area better, without being difficult or expensive.


Get creative with seating

Were you thinking of heading to your local outdoor furniture supplier to pick up a traditional 7-piece dining set? Not on our watch! If you have a day free, you can make your own seating options, without paying through the nose for the same wooden setting everyone else has.
From wooden pallets to cinder blocks to milk crates, all kinds of materials can be used for seating and tables. Bolt the pallets together and throw on some cushions for comfort, or use cinder blocks as supports for a weathered piece of timber (treated, to ensure it lasts) to make your own table.


Photo: Better Homes & Gardens


Go green

Plants are great for adding colour and energy to your space, but they can be quite expensive if you want anything more than seedlings. To offset the cost, try to source your plants cleverly. Think your local markets or cuttings from friends or neighbours. If you’re a homeowner in Queensland, many council zones entitle residents to 2 free plants a year from a participating nursery.

Light it up

Christmas lights aren’t just for the festive season. Pick up some lights when the sales are on and turn your outdoor space into a sparkling wonderland. Not only will this give you enough light to enjoy the outdoors after the sun goes down, it also adds a beautiful ambience and makes for a great conversation starter!


Photo: Better Homes & Gardens


Dress up your pot plants

Get DIY on your pot plants to create an interesting and eclectic collection that can be spread around the yard. From simple paints, to mosaics made from old CDs, to pots made from scratch using clay or recycled materials, you’ll have plenty of choice when adding a touch of personalisation to your backyard.

Screen your area

Simple lattice screens, feature walls crafted from recycled cinder blocks, stylish outdoor blinds – these are just a few easy options to add style to your outdoor living space. Whether you leave them blank or add touches of greenery over time, screens can increase your privacy while adding a unique design element to your yard.


Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

You don’t need a ton of time or money to create interesting additions to your outdoor area. If you’re thinking of making more significant changes to your home, make sure you have a chat with one of our experienced design consultants!

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