From hail storms to pouring rain, the roof of your patio or carport has a lot to contend with. No matter how well-designed your outdoor structure is, even the strongest materials become vulnerable to wear and tear after years of exposure to South East Queensland’s harsh climate.

If you’re hoping to avoid a costly repair bill, these are some of the steps you can take to maximise the lifespan of your carport or patio’s roof:


Check for Damage

Even if the roof of your outdoor area looks fine from below, you never know what kind of damage could be lurking out of sight. Try to inspect the roof of your patio or carport at least once a month, and after every bad storm.

Not sure what to look for? Loose shingles and slightly raised panels are susceptible to powerful winds, while small dimples are a typical result of hail damage. Anything that looks out of the ordinary could indicate trouble.
Clear Gutters and Downpipes

Without a proper drainage system, heavy rain can wreak havoc on outdoor structures. Clearing away soggy leaves may be a bothersome job, but it’s got to be done if you want the roof of your carport or patio to survive the wet season intact.

Gutters and downpipes form an integral part of your outdoor area’s structural integrity. Failing to clean them regularly can result in water damage when it rains, and fire hazards during dry spells. Clogged up pipes can also attract rodents and other creepy crawlies.


Don’t Forget to Clean

Even if your carport or patio is structurally sound, failing to clean its roof regularly can bring down your home’s whole aesthetic. You’d never let your floors or kitchen benches get covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, so why neglect your outdoor area?

Use these cleaning tips to keep the roof of your patio or carport looking fresh:

  •   Get rid of algae by hosing down your roof (just be careful not to slip over or fall off your ladder, and avoid high-pressure water as this may damage your roofing materials)
  •   Use a broom with a telescopic handle to brush away cobwebs
  •   Trim back tree branches to prevent debris from building up.

Roof maintenance can be a hazardous task for amateurs. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, call in Altec to get the job done properly.



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