Don’t let a lack of space cramp your style when it comes to outdoor living. With a bit of trickery, size doesn’t have to impact your patio’s potential. Whether you prefer to use your patio for entertaining, alfresco dining, relaxing in the sunshine or all of the above, there are plenty of ways to maximise its space.


Accessorise with Delicate Décor

Accessorising your patio with small but stylish décor will make it feel more cosy than cramped. If you don’t have enough room for pot plants, tiny succulents can bring a touch greenery to your outdoor area. In addition to being perfectly sized for a small patio, succulents are also easy to keep alive. They only need watering once a week and little sunlight to thrive.

Copper vases, candles and cushions are also practical décor ideas for small patios. They’ll make your space feel so inviting you won’t even notice how small it is.


Choose the Right Furniture

Just because your outdoor area isn’t overly large doesn’t mean you need to forego furniture. Capitalise on every square inch of space by placing a small number of elegant pieces around your patio. If you don’t have enough room for a traditional outdoor dining setting, ottomans, floor cushions and wicker lounges are compact and comfortable alternatives.

Don’t have enough chairs for all your guests? Collapsible furniture makes it easy to transform your patio from a seating area into a more open space in a matter of minutes.


Go Vertical

Vertical gardens aren’t just on-trend; they’re also space-saving, easy to grow and can add a pop of colour to your outdoor area. To make a vertical garden, all you need to do is fasten a few potted plants to a wall and wait for them to bloom.

Vertical gardens can be placed almost anywhere in your patio – you just need to make sure the spot you pick gets plenty of sun exposure, otherwise you could end up with a wall of dead plants.

If your patio still feels short on space even after you’ve tried these tips and tricks, why not expand your outdoor space? Contact Altec for an obligation-free design consultation today. And to see more advice on making your outdoor area look its best, check out our Décor Tips for Your Sunroom.


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