Outdoor spaces are only for summer, right? Wrong! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to ensure your patio or deck can be used all year round, rather than just when the weather is warm.


Choose the right heater

Choose the right heater

A high-quality outdoor heater can make a huge difference to your space. There are a variety of heater types you can use, including standing electric heaters, radiant heaters mounted on the wall or ceiling, gas-powered patio heaters, or even outdoor wood heaters. The heater you choose may depend on factors like the size of your patio or deck, how open it is to the elements, your access to power or how your seating is arranged.


Rugs and pillows

Throw rugs and pillows

Blankets and pillows can cosy up even the coolest spot. Perfect for an autumn evening spent catching up with friends over a barbecue, the right pieces don’t just offer a nice way to beat the chill – they can also add to your outdoor décor. If your space is quite exposed and you’re worried about your blankets and pillows being ruined, we recommend keeping them indoors. Simply bring them out when you want to use your patio or deck.


Wind Blocking

Wind blocking

Wind-chill is a major issue for many outdoor areas. If you find your patio or deck has the wind whistling through it during the cooler months of the year, consider adding a barrier to make your space more comfortable. Wind blocks can be created in several different ways, so it comes down to how much you’re willing to spend. Consider options like:

  • Blinds
  •   Louvres
  •   Slats
  •   Floating glass walls
  •   Retractable awnings
  •   Plant life
  •   Full or semi-enclosure.


Let there be light

Let the light in

Or, more accurately, the heat. If you can invite sunlight into your space without opening it up to the wind, you can help keep your area warm and inviting on even the chilliest day. Skylight domes or panels in your roofing can help with lighting and warmth, so your patio or deck stays bright and comfy all year round.


Insulated Roofing

Insulated roofing

Insulation is like a thermos for your home. It can help keep the air at your preferred temperature, whether that’s warm or cool. Insulated roofing works well on its own, but pairing it with any of the options above is a great way to maximise the effectiveness of your heater or warmth from the sun.

As a nation that loves the outdoors, it seems a shame to wait for the perfect weather to enjoy it! Whether you choose to curl up in a woolly blanket or find the perfect outdoor heater, you’ll thank yourself for winter-proofing your patio or deck this year.

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