Life is stressful. From meeting deadlines to dealing with the kids day in, day out, self-care is extremely important. Enter: the outdoor space perfect for winding down and escaping the chaos. Here are some of our favourite ideas for making use of nature and getting some quality “you” time.


Get a hammock or hanging chair

Achieving a feeling of near-weightlessness is a great way to let the weight of your day (or week, or month) slip right away. A hammock or a hanging chair is an easy way to get that right in your own yard. Avoid the type that will roll you up into a tangle – a hammock with a wooden frame supporting the cords will be easier to get in and out of, making the experience much more pleasant.


Invest in really good furniture

Sure, you could get the aluminium dining setting and plastic deck chairs. But at the end of the day, when it comes to really creating a comfortable, inviting, relaxing space, you need quality outdoor furniture with durable cushions and materials. The right furniture can transform a space.


Embrace soothing sounds

It’s fairly well-known that sounds can change the ambiance. Whether it’s chirping crickets, chimes, water, soft music, or something else entirely, try to facilitate sounds that help you feel calm. Add a water feature, make a special space for a dock for your phone or music player, or hang wind chimes to get that special sound you love.


Create a corner

Of course, the corner itself will already exist. But pick an out-of-the-way corner and make it your own. Put in a comfy seat, surround yourself with greenery, add a little side table to put a drink on, and you have a quiet nook where you can retreat, relax and regroup. Added bonus: if it’s a covered area, you can head there when the next rain sets in. There’s nothing better than listening to the sound of the weather and letting your mind drift.


Light the way to relaxation

Studies have shown that lighting may affect your mood. For many people, the brighter the lighting, the more intense your emotions might be – both positive and negative. Whether you believe this to be true or not, having a soft, dim light is relaxing for many people. If you’re enjoying your space in the evening, try lighting some candles or having a dedicated lamp. During the day, you might want to make sure you are able to lower a shade or some outdoor blinds.

Relaxing outdoors is a great way to shift some stress and get back in touch with yourself. Want more outdoor inspo? Check out our post on making your indoors and outdoors work together.


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