The council approvals process can be tricky and time-consuming. From knowing which council to get your permits from, to making sure you’re filling in the right forms, there are all sorts of steps involved – and each one has its own elements that can go pear-shaped.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know how best to get things done. Here are our tips for getting through the council approval process quickly and easily.

Council Approvals

The basic steps:


  • •  Zoning (check with local authority)


  • •  Determining which permits (if any) you need


  • •  Drafting and Engineering


  • •  Applications and fees


  • •  Waiting for approval!


Each of these steps can be quite time-consuming, and occasionally be difficult to manage. This is particularly true if your home has any special local authority limitations regarding trees, protected species or specific building envelopes.

Council approvals can be complex and stressful. Choosing the right builder can minimise the hassle, as they will either handle the process for you, or guide you through what you need to do – and when it should be done by.

At Altec, we happily handle all council approvals for our customers at no extra costs outside the application fees.

For more information on council approvals for your home extension, visit our page on council approvals, or simply contact our friendly team on
1800 503 682.



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