Are you wondering whether a flat pack patio cover, deck cover or carport is the most suitable solution for your home? Even the most dedicated DIYer can get caught out by the traps of the famous flat pack. We’ve taken a look at some of the myths associated with ready-to-assemble (RTA) structures, and whether they stand up to scrutiny.

Flat Pack Products Unstable

Flat pack products are easy and fast to assemble

Many people think flat packs are easy and quick – and in some cases, they may be. However, for a lot of people, assembling a flat pack can be a painful experience. You only have to do a quick Google search to see the huge number of posts and forum threads on how to stay sane while putting a flat pack together.


Flat Pack Products Unstable

Flat pack products are sturdy and durable

In an ideal world, components of flat packs would be the same quality as materials sourced by custom builders. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Flat packs usually have fewer upfront costs, so it’s to be expected that the quality of poles, roofing and joinery won’t be of the same standard as pieces and products used by builders. This can result in a structure that just doesn’t stand the test of time.

Flat Pack Products Cheap

Flat pack products are cheaper than custom-built products

As we mentioned above, the initial costs associated with flat packs are generally cheaper than getting a builder out to do the job. But are RTA home extensions really easier on the hip-pocket than going custom?

Depending on the quality you end up with and how well you put it together, your flat pack patio cover, carport, or deck cover may not go the distance. With less structural integrity to stand up to the harsh Queensland weather, you may end up with a carport that blows apart in the first windstorm or succumbs to the first branch that hits it.

If you’re unlucky enough to end up with a cover that doesn’t go the distance, by the time you’ve paid for a replacement or repairs, you may find that you would have been better off with a higher quality product.


Flat Pack Products Easy

Flat packs are an easy option

Sure, it may seem like you can just buy one and throw it up over the weekend. Of course, we’ve already covered how it often isn’t that simple. But there’s more to it – you can’t forget about the council approvals and fees, as well as the other elements that you may need to consider. From flooring to drafting to engineering, flat packs are limited in ways that custom builds are not. And if you have a unique shape to build within, this all goes double. While custom patios can be built to the specific area, flat packs will be a standard design, which can make them look ‘tacked on’ or cheap.

So while flat packs can look like a convenient and cost-effective alternative to getting a home extension built by professionals, using this type of structure may not always go to plan. When it comes to your home, you get what you pay for, so it’s worth investing in something that will add genuine value to your home and your lifestyle.

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