Building a Patio - FAQs

Patio Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a patio to your property involves some big decisions. From choosing the materials to planning the design, it helps to have all the right knowledge. Below, our patio experts have answered a series of common questions we get asked about Altec patios.


What warranty does an Altec patio have?

While some companies offer the standard 6.5 year QBCC guarantee, Altec goes a step further. We take pride in the patios we install, which is why we offer a Product and Workmanship Guarantee. Designed to give our clients confidence in their investment, these warranties include:

    • •  Product Guarantee: A guarantee of up to 15 years on all patio installations.


  • •  Workmanship Guarantee: Providing a 10-year workmanship guarantee on all patio installations.



Does Altec handle council approvals?

If your patio project needs approval from your local council, Altec has you covered. Our friendly team can advise you throughout the process, or they can handle the required application on your behalf. Either way, this service is free. All you need to do is take care of the council fees.



How much does a patio cost?

At Altec, we tailor each patio to our client’s property and their dream patio design. This means different materials, sizes and environments. If you’re wondering how much your patio will cost, our experts can provide a free and accurate quote.

By assessing your individual property and preferred design, we can advise you on your options and give you a clear idea of the budgets involved. Book your free design consultation today.



Can I install my own patio?

Altec supplies and installs a superior product by reliable builders – we don’t supply Patio DIY Kits. We’re devoted to supplying high-quality patios that can add value and aesthetics to your home. That’s why our service includes the full process of design, supply and installation.



How close to my neighbours’ fence can my patio go?

The exact requirements of your patio’s position will depend on your local council. However, common distance requirements state that most patios must be at least 1 metre from your neighbour’s fence. Our experts can consult you on the specifics during your free consultation.



What styles and designs do Altec offer?

We offer a wide range of styles to suit different properties so everyone can find their perfect patio. Whether you want your patio to be open or enclosed, our designs cater to various building styles.

You can choose from the following options:






    • •  Pergolas – Add a new entertainment spot on your property with a durable pergola



Regardless of the shape of your property or the design you want, Altec can extend your home with an incredible patio. Discover your patio options during your free design consultation today!



Patio Enclosure & Sunroom FAQs

Patio Enclosure & Sunroom FAQs

Adding a patio enclosure to your home is an exciting decision. This kind of extension won’t just add value to your property – it will also create a relaxed space for you and your family to enjoy daily life. If you’re considering an enclosure or sunroom for your home, we can tell you everything you need to know about the design and installation process.

Below, our experts have answered the questions they hear most.


What's the difference between a patio enclosure and a sunroom?

A patio enclosure is a standard patio that’s been closed off – usually with large glass walls and windows. It’s generally a paved space that reaches out into the backyard. Many enclosed patios begin as regular patios, then are later modified with walls.

While this may sound very similar to a sunroom, there are several key differences. An enclosed patio is typically separate from the rest of the home, offering a distinction between the indoors and the outdoors – but a sunroom can be integrated into the house’s interior structure. It’s essentially a room that’s been designed to let in sunlight and scenic views.

Altec sunrooms are weatherproof glass enclosures that let in light and beautiful garden views.



How much does a sunroom cost?

As each property and sunroom design is different, costs tend to differ as well. The price of building a patio can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • •  The type of enclosure
  • •  The materials required
  • •  The size and location.

Beyond these factors, the cost is also influenced by the design you choose. Our expert designers work with you to plan the perfect patio enclosure to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

To get an accurate estimate of the costs involved, book in your free design consultation and begin planning your dream sunroom.



Do I need a council permit for a sunroom?

Yes. In most cases, if you plan on building a roofed patio or home extension, you’ll need a permit from your local council. However, the specific permit required varies between states.

Altec can advise you on the permits you need or we can take care of the whole process for you. Whether you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, or northern New South Wales, we can obtain the necessary council approvals for your new sunroom.



What materials are used for building a sunroom?

Engineered to attach seamlessly to your house, our extensions are built out of materials to make you feel at home. Whether you’re after a glass or screened sunroom, you can rely on the high-quality materials we use. These include:

  • •  Insulated ceilings and composite roofing
  • •  Colorbond steel, ply or gyprock for insulated walls
  • •  Powder-coated aluminium window frames
  • •  Fibreglass mesh screens.

By using the best materials, we can guarantee your sunroom will remain durable in tough environments and comfortable on hot or cold days. This will also minimise the amount of maintenance required over the years.

To discover how Altec can extend your home with a sunroom, get in touch with our friendly team today on 1800 503 682, or book your free consultation.


How to Make the Most of a Small Patio


Don’t let a lack of space cramp your style when it comes to outdoor living. With a bit of trickery, size doesn’t have to impact your patio’s potential. Whether you prefer to use your patio for entertaining, alfresco dining, relaxing in the sunshine or all of the above, there are plenty of ways to maximise its space.


Accessorise with Delicate Décor

Accessorising your patio with small but stylish décor will make it feel more cosy than cramped. If you don’t have enough room for pot plants, tiny succulents can bring a touch greenery to your outdoor area. In addition to being perfectly sized for a small patio, succulents are also easy to keep alive. They only need watering once a week and little sunlight to thrive.

Copper vases, candles and cushions are also practical décor ideas for small patios. They’ll make your space feel so inviting you won’t even notice how small it is.


Choose the Right Furniture

Just because your outdoor area isn’t overly large doesn’t mean you need to forego furniture. Capitalise on every square inch of space by placing a small number of elegant pieces around your patio. If you don’t have enough room for a traditional outdoor dining setting, ottomans, floor cushions and wicker lounges are compact and comfortable alternatives.

Don’t have enough chairs for all your guests? Collapsible furniture makes it easy to transform your patio from a seating area into a more open space in a matter of minutes.


Go Vertical

Vertical gardens aren’t just on-trend; they’re also space-saving, easy to grow and can add a pop of colour to your outdoor area. To make a vertical garden, all you need to do is fasten a few potted plants to a wall and wait for them to bloom.

Vertical gardens can be placed almost anywhere in your patio – you just need to make sure the spot you pick gets plenty of sun exposure, otherwise you could end up with a wall of dead plants.

If your patio still feels short on space even after you’ve tried these tips and tricks, why not expand your outdoor space? Contact Altec for an obligation-free design consultation today. And to see more advice on making your outdoor area look its best, check out our Décor Tips for Your Sunroom.


How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

South East Queensland’s climate can be unkind to outdoor furniture. Even if you invest in high quality pieces, not even the toughest materials can withstand months of exposure to sun, wind, and rain. You might not be able to control the weather, but there are steps you can take to keep your outdoor furniture from falling apart. These are some of our best tips and tricks for outdoor furniture maintenance.


Take Cover

Designed to withstand the elements, outdoor furniture covers can work wonders for protecting your patio’s décor. Most outdoor furniture retailers sell covers in a range of shapes and sizes, so you can cover up your tables, chairs, sofas, sun lounges and other outdoor pieces. If you can’t find a cover with the right dimensions for a particular piece of furniture, simply use some tarpaulin.

They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but you don’t have to leave your furniture covers on all year round. Just be sure you have them on standby for extreme weather events.


Get Ready for Rain

No matter how vigilant you are with protecting your patio, your furniture will inevitably be exposed to bad weather at some point. Wooden furniture is particularly vulnerable to moisture, but applying a light layer of oil or a stain can help minimise the risk of water damage.

Simply sand back your wooden furniture, coat it in a protective oil or stain, and let it dry. This won’t make your timber pieces 100% waterproof, but it should at least delay the destructive effects of rain and humidity.


Stow Away Cushions and Pillows

Pillows and cushions can add a stylish touch to your outdoor living areas, but soft furnishings don’t fare well in the outdoors. To keep mould at bay, stash your cushions and pillows somewhere dry during wet weather. The same goes for blankets and throws.

If you’ve left it too late and your outdoor furnishing are already showing signs of mould, dilute a small amount of bleach in water and use the mixture to soak your cushion covers (be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands). For especially stubborn stains, you may need to use a scrubbing brush.

These simple tips should keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh come rain or shine. Of course, if really bad weather is headed your way, it’s best to bring all your outdoor furniture indoors to prevent property damage.
For more tips on protecting your outdoor area from the elements, check out our blog on Preparing Your Patio for Storm Season.



2017 Patio Highlights


Altec’s 2017 Patio Highlights

Altec is a leading provider of patios and carports in Queensland. Whether we’re building a patio from the ground up or making alterations to an existing structure, you can trust our team to bring your design to life.
To see what 40 years’ experience in patio design and construction looks like, these are some of the most innovative projects we completed in 2017.



Burleigh Waters

Fitted with black timber flooring and a glass fence, this patio’s contemporary design matches up perfectly with the property’s existing structure. The heat-deflective flyover design and Coolspan roofing helps combat South East Queensland’s hot weather while allowing for plenty of airflow.



Bridgeman Downs

This standalone, heat-deflective spa cover demonstrates our ability to design any outdoor structure you need. Featuring Smoothtec roofing, it protects the spa from the elements without taking away the area’s breezy, outdoorsy feel.




Featuring another heat-deflective flyover design, this patio/pool cover’s Coolspan roofing provides a shady oasis in an otherwise exposed pool area. Offering an ideal hiding place from the sun on hot summer days, it makes the entire outdoor area more inviting.




Perfect for outdoor entertaining, this lowset Merbau deck features a combination of both shaded and open-air sections. Designed to blend in seamlessly with the main part of the house, the heat-deflective flyover ceiling is fitted with fans and lights for increased comfort and convenience.



Chapel Hill

With its insulated gable cover and long narrow design, this highset Merbau deck transformed the property’s outdoor area into an alfresco dining oasis. The roof’s insulation makes it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.



Mt Warren Park

If you’re trying to make the most of your property’s surroundings, this deck is a great source of inspiration. The insulated cover and open-air, highset Merbau design shelters the area without obstructing its view, giving the deck a distinctive floating appearance.

Feeling inspired to build your own patio, deck, carport or custom cover? Get in touch with Altec to book a free design consultation today.

Décor Tips for your Sunroom

You don’t have to be an expert interior decorator to make your sunroom look stylish. Usually installed on a timber or concrete foundation, sunrooms have the advantage of being exposed to plenty of natural lighting. Enhancing such a bright and airy space is easy, even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with.

These simple décor tips will make your sunroom feel sophisticated and comfortable.

Play with Colours

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Can't decide what colour to use in your sunroom? It all comes down to the type of ambience you're trying to create. For a clean, minimalist look, white or beige tones always looks classically stylish. If you prefer more eye-catching colours, don't be afraid to branch out with brighter shades. Light blue and pastel pink look great in natural lighting, while rich tones like red and yellow will give your sunroom a warm and cosy feel.

Depending on what materials your sunroom is made of, you could embrace the rustic trend by leaving your walls untouched. Exposed brick or timber are ideal for creating that purposely unpolished look.

Have Fun with Furnishings

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To ensure your sunroom blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home, don't neglect to fill it with furniture. This part of your property may feel like an afterthought, but furnishing your sunroom is the easiest way to make the most of its style potential.

From outdoor settings to comfortable sofas, you can choose to adorn your sunroom with a range of fixtures. Comfy couches and plush ottomans will make your sunroom feel like it's been built especially for relaxation, offering an escape from the rest of your house.

You could even convert your sunroom into a study with a writing desk and office chair, or an entertaining area. The possibilities are endless.

Go Wild with Greenery

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Why not make the most of all that natural sunlight by adding a little greenery to your sunroom? Whether you want to place tiny succulents on the window ledge or create an indoor jungle vibe with towering ferns, plants are the ultimate sunroom accessory.

Just be careful not to scatter dirt all over the floor while potting your plants, and water them regularly to keep the leaves from looking dull.

If you don't have a sunroom yet, there's never been a better time to install one. In addition to providing you with a sheltered outdoor entertaining area, a sunroom can also add value to your property. If you can picture yourself kicking back in your very own sunroom, get in touch with Altec to book a free design consultation today.

The Benefits of Insulated Patio Roofing


Want to enjoy your outdoor living lifestyle all year round? Designed to keep your patio warm in winter and cool in summer, Altec’s insulated roofing works by creating a barrier between your patio and the elements. It can block the icy bite of a cold breeze, and keep intense heat at bay on hot days.

If you’re not convinced you really need insulated roofing, don’t make up your mind until you know all the benefits.


Easy Climate Control

It might be known as a tropical paradise, but South East Queensland isn’t immune to less-than-ideal weather conditions. From relentless heatwaves to sudden cold snaps, this part of the Sunshine State is prone to extreme weather events.

Insulated roofing acts like a force field against bad weather, so you don’t have to go running indoors at the first sign of extreme temperatures.


Energy Savings

If you never seem to turn off your outdoor area’s overhead fan during summer, insulating your patio’s roof could make a huge difference to your power bills. The same goes for using portable heaters during winter; rather than relying on electricity-guzzling appliances to keep your outdoor area at a comfortable temperature, insulated roofing is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.
With skyrocketing energy costs to contend with, covering up your outdoor area with an insulated roof is a cost-effective way to knock a few hundred dollars off your next power bill.


Termite Protection

A termite infestation is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Depending on how far the infestation has spread, getting rid of these pesky critters can be expensive. You may have to relocate while the extermination process takes place, or even rebuild parts of your home.

To safeguard your house against pests, Altec uses ant- and termite-resistant insulation. Installing this type of insulation will add an extra layer of protection to your home, so you can have peace of mind knowing tiny bugs aren’t eating through your property’s foundations.


The Aesthetic

An insulated roof can work wonders for the look of your outdoor area, in addition to making it more comfortable. Altec’s insulated roofing comes in a range of colours and finishes, allowing you to easily find a style that blends in with your home’s exterior.

If you’d like to learn more about Altec’s insulated roofing options, get in touch with our team today. Whether you’re thinking of adding a roof to an existing patio or you’re building a brand new outdoor area, Altec can help you choose the perfect roofing solution.


Altec at the Brisbane Home Show

If you’re planning an outdoor renovation project, be sure to visit Altec at this year’s Brisbane Home Show. You can see our state-of-the-art designs and talk to our experienced team about building your very own custom outdoor enclosure. No matter what kind of structure you’re thinking of adding to your property, Altec can offer expert advice on a wide range of outdoor solutions, including carports, patios, decks and privacy screens.
The 2018 Brisbane Home Show will be held 23 - 25 February at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Open from 9am – 5pm daily, it’s the ultimate event for anyone in search of inspiration for a home renovation.
As one of South East Queensland’s most trusted suppliers of outdoor structures, Altec knows what it takes to withstand tough weather conditions. We can help you choose the right type of enclosure based on the shape and size of your property, its exposure to the elements and the kind of aesthetic you’re trying to create.
If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to building or renovating an outdoor area, Altec can bring your ideas to life. We specialise in creating spaces that transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring any new structure we build blends in with your home’s existing design features.
When it comes to renovating the outside of your home, speaking with a professional is the best way to ensure a stress-free build. Whether you’re looking to lock down a colour scheme or you’re having trouble deciding which materials to use, our expert design consultants can make sure you get every detail right.
Don’t wait any longer to start living your dream alfresco lifestyle - book your tickets to the Brisbane Home Show online today.

How to Clean Outdoor Blinds


How to Clean Outdoor Blinds

South East Queensland is notorious for its humid summer weather. If your outdoor blinds are starting to look a little grimy after months of weathering these steamy conditions, we can help you whip them into shape with some simple yet effective cleaning tips. Washing your outdoor blinds may not sound like the most fun job, but the longer you put it off, the more dirt you’ll have to deal with. Best bite the bullet now before all that dust and grime becomes a permanent fixture!
Here’s how to freshen up your outdoor blinds without breaking a sweat:

Do Some Dust Busting

Before deep cleaning your blinds with soap and water, clear away any loose dust and debris with a soft brush. Be sure to clean the underside of your blinds as well as the outer facing side. If your blinds are made out of a fabric material, try to get rid of any wildlife droppings, tree sap and leaves as quickly as possible to avoid permanent discolouration. Nothing can bring down the visual appeal of your home’s exterior quite like bird poo stains.
If you don’t own a soft brush, any old sock or microfiber cloth should do the trick. Don’t resort to using a brush with spiky thistles as this could leave permanent scratches all over your blinds.

Choose the Right Cleaning Equipment

Once you’re done clearing away loose dust and debris, you can get to work on more stubborn stains. Consider the type of material your blinds are made out of before investing in cleaning equipment. Plastic and aluminium blinds can handle most mild soaps, but try to avoid using harsh chemicals like undiluted bleach.
Wooden blinds are slightly more susceptible to damage – when soaked with water, they can swell up and get stuck. This is why it’s important to always proceed with caution if you’re working with timber. Instead of going wild with your outdoor hose, simply wipe your blinds down with a damp cloth.
Not keen on using harsh soaps? Dishwashing liquid and watered down vinegar are both effective yet gentle cleaning agents. Just to be on the safe side, always wear gloves if you plan to use any chemicals during the cleaning process.

Post-Cleaning Precautions

Once you’ve got your blinds looking brand new again, let the material dry out properly. Fabric blinds can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew when exposed to damp conditions. To avoid undoing all your hard work, make sure your blinds are bone dry before rolling them back up. You can speed up the drying process by wiping away excess moisture with a towel.
Of course, no matter how hard you scrub, outdoor blinds that have been neglected for years can be impossible to get completely clean. If your outdoor blinds are too far gone to save, why not treat yourself to some new ones? Get in touch with Altec to enquire about installing outdoor blinds.

How to Maximise the Lifespan of Your Carport or Patio’s Roof


From hail storms to pouring rain, the roof of your patio or carport has a lot to contend with. No matter how well-designed your outdoor structure is, even the strongest materials become vulnerable to wear and tear after years of exposure to South East Queensland’s harsh climate.

If you’re hoping to avoid a costly repair bill, these are some of the steps you can take to maximise the lifespan of your carport or patio’s roof:


Check for Damage

Even if the roof of your outdoor area looks fine from below, you never know what kind of damage could be lurking out of sight. Try to inspect the roof of your patio or carport at least once a month, and after every bad storm.

Not sure what to look for? Loose shingles and slightly raised panels are susceptible to powerful winds, while small dimples are a typical result of hail damage. Anything that looks out of the ordinary could indicate trouble.
Clear Gutters and Downpipes

Without a proper drainage system, heavy rain can wreak havoc on outdoor structures. Clearing away soggy leaves may be a bothersome job, but it’s got to be done if you want the roof of your carport or patio to survive the wet season intact.

Gutters and downpipes form an integral part of your outdoor area’s structural integrity. Failing to clean them regularly can result in water damage when it rains, and fire hazards during dry spells. Clogged up pipes can also attract rodents and other creepy crawlies.


Don’t Forget to Clean

Even if your carport or patio is structurally sound, failing to clean its roof regularly can bring down your home’s whole aesthetic. You’d never let your floors or kitchen benches get covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, so why neglect your outdoor area?

Use these cleaning tips to keep the roof of your patio or carport looking fresh:

  •   Get rid of algae by hosing down your roof (just be careful not to slip over or fall off your ladder, and avoid high-pressure water as this may damage your roofing materials)
  •   Use a broom with a telescopic handle to brush away cobwebs
  •   Trim back tree branches to prevent debris from building up.

Roof maintenance can be a hazardous task for amateurs. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, call in Altec to get the job done properly.



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