A carport without a car?! We understand your surprise, but hear us out. We’re not suggesting you kick your car out to use your carport for other things – after all, it’s a carport – but if your car has a safe spot in the garage, or you’ve recently downsized your car family (leaving a sad, empty carport), then this is for you.



1. Put your other vehicles in there

Boats and caravans need a place to live, too! Extreme weather can impact all of your vehicles, so if you have an empty carport and other vehicles sitting out in the yard or on the curb, you know what to do!



2. Turn it into a gym

While you won’t want to leave expensive equipment out in the carport for security reasons, having a space for things like skipping, bodyweight workouts, or light weights that you can store in a locked chest or locker can be an awesome way to keep fit in all sorts of weather. And it means you don’t have to lose your rumpus room to all your fitness equipment!



3. Create a kid-friendly haven

Got little ones? Although time flies, individual days can sometimes seem to drag. Use your carport to create an age-appropriate circuit for the small person or people in your life. Consider sensory activities like water play buckets with kitchen utensils, a sand box, a finger-painting station, and have a snack table at the end. It’s a great way to spend even the rainiest of afternoons – and it’s outdoors, so no stressing about getting paint on the floors or furniture!


Outdoor Cinema

4. Turn it into an outdoor cinema

Still waiting for that theatre room to happen? In the meantime, set up your carport for the big game or for the next movie night. All you need is a projector, a plain sheet, a way to fasten the sheet, and some chairs. Voilà – your very own cinema. Just don’t forget the popcorn (or the wine, if it’s a grown-up occasion).

So there you have it! Four ideas for making use of an empty carport. And if you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? We love a good carport – have a chat with our team to find out why!


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