How to Maximise the Lifespan of Your Carport or Patio’s Roof


From hail storms to pouring rain, the roof of your patio or carport has a lot to contend with. No matter how well-designed your outdoor structure is, even the strongest materials become vulnerable to wear and tear after years of exposure to South East Queensland’s harsh climate.

If you’re hoping to avoid a costly repair bill, these are some of the steps you can take to maximise the lifespan of your carport or patio’s roof:


Check for Damage

Even if the roof of your outdoor area looks fine from below, you never know what kind of damage could be lurking out of sight. Try to inspect the roof of your patio or carport at least once a month, and after every bad storm.

Not sure what to look for? Loose shingles and slightly raised panels are susceptible to powerful winds, while small dimples are a typical result of hail damage. Anything that looks out of the ordinary could indicate trouble.
Clear Gutters and Downpipes

Without a proper drainage system, heavy rain can wreak havoc on outdoor structures. Clearing away soggy leaves may be a bothersome job, but it’s got to be done if you want the roof of your carport or patio to survive the wet season intact.

Gutters and downpipes form an integral part of your outdoor area’s structural integrity. Failing to clean them regularly can result in water damage when it rains, and fire hazards during dry spells. Clogged up pipes can also attract rodents and other creepy crawlies.


Don’t Forget to Clean

Even if your carport or patio is structurally sound, failing to clean its roof regularly can bring down your home’s whole aesthetic. You’d never let your floors or kitchen benches get covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, so why neglect your outdoor area?

Use these cleaning tips to keep the roof of your patio or carport looking fresh:

  •   Get rid of algae by hosing down your roof (just be careful not to slip over or fall off your ladder, and avoid high-pressure water as this may damage your roofing materials)
  •   Use a broom with a telescopic handle to brush away cobwebs
  •   Trim back tree branches to prevent debris from building up.

Roof maintenance can be a hazardous task for amateurs. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, call in Altec to get the job done properly.



Summer BBQ Recipes


From grilled steak to charred veggies, you can create all kinds of tasty treats with a BBQ. Don’t have a tonne of confidence in your barbequing abilities? Alfresco cooking is easier than it looks – to get you started, these are some of our favourite summer BBQ recipes.



1. Black & Blushing Worcestershire Fillet

Created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, this recipe adds a gourmet twist to classic grilled steak.


  A piece of fillet steak

  2 generous teaspoons of French mustard

 8-10 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

  A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

  2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

  Unsalted butter.


Excluding the unsalted butter, place all your ingredients in a large sandwich bag (finely chop the sprigs of rosemary first). Squeeze all the air out of the bag, close it securely and place it in the fridge.

Leave your steak to marinate for at least a few nights (preferably overnight).

Around 1 ½ hours before you’re ready to start grilling your steak, place it in a cool part of your kitchen so it warms up to room temperature (be careful not to leave it out too long).

Preheat your BBQ. While you’re waiting for it to get hot, remove the fillet from the marinade and pat it down with a paper towel.

Place the steak onto the hottest part of your BBQ for around 8 – 10 minutes (flip the fillet over around every minute or so). Add as much butter as you need to keep it looking juicy.

If your steak ends up looking a little burnt on the outside, don’t panic – it’s supposed to look like that. The crispiness will contrast nicely with the juiciness of the meat.



2. BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings

The Little Kitchen have come up with a simple yet tasty method for grilling chicken wings.


 15 bone-in chicken wings

 Vegetable oil

 Barbecue sauce.


Rinse the chicken wings and wipe completely dry with paper towels.

Line a baking tray with foil.

Brush the grates of your BBQ with vegetable oil (you can use a paper towel and tongs to do this).

Place the chicken wings onto the grill. After 4 minutes, flip them over and brush the grilled side with BBQ sauce.

After 3 minutes, flip them over again and brush the other side with BBQ sauce.

Allow the chicken wings to cool for 5 – 10 minutes before eating.


Cheesy Corn

3. Cheesy Corn on the Cob

Vegetarians will love this slightly indulgent version of corn on the cob from BBC Good Food.


4 corn cobs

30g melted butter

30g finely grated parmesan.


Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil. Cook the corn cobs until they’re tender (around 5 minutes).

Season the corn with your favourite spices (paprika, cayenne pepper and salt all taste delicious with corn).

Place the corn on a preheated BBQ and cook for around 5 minutes, or until the kernels start to blister. Turn the cobs regularly to cook them evenly all over.

Take the corn off the grill. Before they cool down, brush them with a generous amount of butter and sprinkle with parmesan.


Whether you’ve got a spacious deck or a cosy porch, these recipes are suited to all kinds of alfresco kitchens. Don’t have an outdoor area for BBQing? Alec can help you build one! Book a consultation today.


Decorating Your Outdoor Area for Christmas

Decorating Your Outdoor Area for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to dust off your decorations and start prepping your home for the holidays. To make the outside of your house look extra festive this year, Altec can help you bring a touch of Christmas cheer to your patio.

Whether you’re planning to go wild with Christmas lights or you want to create a more subtle effect, get the look you want with these outdoor decorating tips:



Get Creative with Christmas Lights

There’s nothing wrong with adding a few fairy lights to your patio and calling it a day – but if you really want to make your home stand out, don’t be afraid to get creative with your Christmas lighting scheme.

Here are some cool things you can do with Christmas lights in your outdoor area:

• Wrap foliage in fairy lights – From towering trees to tiny pot plants, any type of greenery will look festive once it’s been bound with twinkling fairy lights.

• Highlight windows and doors – Tracing the outside edges of windows and doors in rope lights will make your home look like a glowing gingerbread house.

• Hang glowing wreaths – Make your Christmas wreath look even more festive by fitting it with a few fairy lights.

To keep your patio free of electrical hazards, always check the Christmas lights you’re planning to install on your patio are suitable for outdoor use. Read the instruction manual carefully and make sure none of your electrical leads are damaged.



Create Ambience with Christmas Candles

If you prefer a soft glow to flashing fairy lights, give your outdoor area a beautifully festive vibe by placing a few candles around your patio. Keep in mind candles can create a fire hazard when left unattended, and you should always extinguish them before heading indoors.

Create the perfect setting for an alfresco Christmas dinner by placing clusters of chunky candles on and around your outdoor dining table. Securing your candles inside cylinder shaped glass vases will make them harder to knock over, minimising the risk of fire damage.



Embellish Store-Bought Decorations

Not much of a DIYer? If you still want to add personal details to your outdoor Christmas decorations, simply alter store-bought items. Add a few homemade details to your wreath by decorating it with foliage from your own garden, or tie old ribbons around store-bought reindeer figurines.

Rather than trying to become a master of Christmas arts and crafts overnight, these simple embellishments can save you tons of time and effort.

Once you’ve got your outdoor Christmas decorations set up, you can start celebrating the festive season in style. Of course, Christmastime in South East Queensland can get pretty hot and humid. To keep you outdoor area cool this Christmas, we can offer handy tips on shielding your patio from soaring temperatures in our blog post on Technology to Improve Your Outdoor Living.


Privacy and Protection for Carports and Patios

Privacy and Protection for Patios and Carports

Are you trying to shield your patio or carport from prying eyes? Or maybe you want to secure your structure against thieves and bad weather? Altec can help you do all of the above! With a few simple alterations, you can easily enhance your outdoor area’s privacy and protection. Here’s how:


Make the Most of Your Garden

Shielding your patio or carport behind a dense wall of greenery won’t just keep nosy neighbours at bay – you’ll also be less likely to get robbed. Since opportunistic thieves won’t be able to see your patio (or as many entry points into your house), they won’t be as tempted to take advantage of any unattended valuables.

From hedges to large pot plants, you can use any type of foliage to prevent passers-by from peeking into your outdoor area. Growing enough greenery to make your patio or carport feel protected can take quite a bit patience and gardening skills, but the end result will be worth your time and effort.


Install Protective Features

Plants and trees may offer some concealment, but they don’t exactly guarantee complete protection against thieves and stickybeaks. If you’re looking for a more concrete solution to your outdoor area’s lack of privacy and protection, Altec can help you install a custom-made privacy or weather screen. Made of low-maintenance materials designed to withstand the elements, these screens can cope with rain, hail and sky-high temperatures.

In addition to making your outdoor area feel more like your own private sanctuary, having a weather screen in place means you won’t have to worry so much the next time a thunderstorm rolls into town. From colour-coated lattice to static louvres, you can choose to build your screen from a range of materials at Altec.


Enclose Your Outdoor Area

If you really want to make your patio or carport feel secure, enclose the entire area to create an indoor/outdoor hybrid space. You’ll still be able to enjoy alfresco living, but with more privacy and superior protection against bad weather. Built to last, our screen enclosures come with powder-coated aluminium frames. All you need to do is slide open the doors and windows to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors.

Every patio is unique, and finding the right solution to your structure’s lack of privacy and protection can be tricky. Get in touch with Altec to learn more about making alterations to your outdoor area today.


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