How to Prepare Your Patio for Storm Season


From hail to high winds, storm season in South East Queensland brings all kinds of dangerous conditions – but there are steps you can take to protect your patio against the volatile climate. The trick is to start preparing now, so you’re as ready as you can be for any wild weather headed your way.
Here’s how to prepare your patio for storm season.


Dodge Hail Damage

Hail storms can appear out of nowhere during summer, battering entire suburbs in a matter of minutes. Planning for this type of weather event can mean the difference between paying for major repairs and escaping unscathed.

While it’s almost impossible to completely safeguard your patio against severe hailstorms, getting ready ahead of time can help minimise the damage. This is especially important if you’re relying on your outdoor structure to protect your car and other possessions from hail.

The following tips can help you avoid hail damage:

  Maintain your roof – Minor defects in a patio’s roof can make the entire structure more susceptible to hail damage. Even if everything looks to be in working order, arranging for a professional patio builder to do an inspection is the only way to know for sure that you’re really ready for storm season.

  Choose the right roofing materials – If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor structure to your home, try to use materials that can withstand Queensland’s climate. The roofing materials available at Altec are designed to endure storm season in the South East.

  Keep the space enclosed – If your patio has windows, screens, shutters or sliding doors, keeping these shut during storms can prevent the structure’s interior from sustaining hail damage.


 Get Rid of Clutter

Is your patio is looking a little messy? Be sure to do some spring cleaning before storm season arrives. Get rid of old pot plants, throw away any unused furniture and store decorative items out of the way. Not only do you get to enjoy a more open space when the weather is nice, but securing loose items is one of the essential storm-readiness tasks on every checklist, so you can tick that one off straight away.


Tame Your Trees

Keep your patio intact over the storm season by attending to any trees around your yard that might have gone a bit over the top with their growth during the year. For large branches, be sure to get a professional tree lopper in – the last thing you want is to attempt to take them down yourself and end up with branches falling on your patio anyway! Smaller branches can be tackled with a hedge trimmer or a hand saw. Yearly maintenance of your trees doesn’t only help by removing limbs that can potentially come off during storms, it can also help reduce the amount of leaves that end up in your gutters year-round. And that’s a win for every season!

Of course, hail, rain, wind and hail aren’t the only things you need to consider during storm season. Temperatures can soar at this time of year, making your patio feel more like an oven than a breezy outdoor haven. To beat the heat, check out our tips on preparing your patio for summer.


Spring Cleaning - Getting Your Outdoor Area Ready for Spring


Now that winter is done and dusted for another year, it’s time to start getting your outdoor area ready for spring. After months of enduring damp weather and less frequent use, your patio or deck may be looking a little worse for wear – but giving it a quick makeover doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s how to make spring-cleaning your outdoor area as painless as possible.


De-Grime the Floor

Dust and dirt can build up in your outdoor spaces over winter, especially if you live near the beach or in a busy urban area. Getting rid of this layer of grime as soon as the weather starts warming up is essential to making the most of your patio during spring.
Begin by clearing all your outdoor furniture out of the way. Sweep up any dead leaves and neglected pot plants, and then mop the floor using a gentle detergent. You might need to bring in a gurney to get rid of the worst of the grime. Make sure the cleaning products you’re planning to use won’t damage your patio’s flooring materials by checking labels and spot-testing prior to use.


Wash Wooden Furniture

Scrubbing wooden furniture with a soft brush and mild soap can remove any mildew that may have set in over winter (add bleach or vinegar to shift stubborn stains). Once you’re done, wiping a generous layer of wood polish over each piece of furniture can help add extra shine. To prevent your hard work from going to waste, make sure you allow the wood polish to dry completely before placing it outdoors again.


Freshen Up Outdoor Cushions

Forgot to bring your cushions indoors during winter? Everyone loves a good cushion in their outdoor area, but these decorative features don’t fare so well in cold and damp conditions. To banish the last of those drab winter tones, putting any mouldy cushions through the wash can make a huge difference to the appearance of your patio.
If winter has done serious damage to your cushions and they’re too far gone to save, give your patio an instant makeover by buying some new ones. Scattering cushions with pretty patterns and bright colours around your outdoor area is a great way to welcome the arrival of spring.


Make Time for Repairs

Whether your patio came off second best in a bad winter storm or is simply starting to show signs of wear and tear, this is the perfect time of year to do repairs. From minor adjustments to complete structural overhauls, repairing faults can make sure your space is both comfortable to entertain in and strong enough to withstand the upcoming storm season.
Now that you know how to prepare your patio for the arrival of alfresco living season, check out our gardening tips for spring.


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