Best Boating Spots in South East Queensland


South East Queensland is a boat owner’s paradise. With beautiful beaches and rivers in every direction, deciding where to hit the water can be quite the dilemma. If you need help finding the perfect boating spot, check out these destinations.


Wave Break Island, Gold Coast

Popular with the Gold Coast’s local fishing community, Wave Break Island is home to 2 designated boat anchorages, colourful coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. This snorkeling and fishing hot spot may be a treasure trove of natural beauty, but it’s actually manmade. Built in 1985, it protects the region’s local estuaries from getting battered by large waves.

If you plan to do some fishing, the sandbank on the western side of Wave Break Island is a great place to snap up some baitfish.


Lake McDonald, Sunshine Coast

If it’s too breezy to go boating on the ocean, Lake McDonald is a tranquil, freshwater alternative. Situated near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, only electric and non-powered boats are allowed on the lake. A haven for sailing and row boats, this quiet spot is ideal leisurely days out on the water.


The Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island

Found just off Morton Island, this cluster of shipwrecks is a magnet for boating enthusiasts. Cruising around Moreton Bay is always a pleasant experience, but the Tangalooma wrecks are extra special. Located on the western side of the island, the site consists of 15 sunken vessels. The ships were sunk deliberately to make a breakwall for smaller vessels, and can easily be spotted just below the surface.

Surrounded by shallow water, the Tangalooma wrecks are best suited to small boats and slow cruising speeds. Be sure to go ashore and explore the island before heading back to the mainland.


Caboolture River, Caboolture

Stretching from the northern end or Moreton Bay past Bribie Island, the Caboolture River is long and winding. It flows into narrow side creeks, which smaller boats can explore at high tide. Hidden amongst Brisbane’s northern suburbs and the Bruce Highway, the river offers an escape from the surrounding urban sprawl.

Quiet and picturesque, the Caboolture River is worth a visit if you’re looking for an uncrowded waterway that’s easy to navigate.


Brisbane River

To see Queensland’s largest city from a different perspective, go boating on the Brisbane River. Whether you’re in a canoe or a luxury yacht, exploring the Brisbane River is an essential SEQ experience for boat owners.

There are plenty of boat ramps and pontoons scattered along the length of the river, so it’s relatively easy to access. Once on the water, you can cruise past landmarks like the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the Story Bridge and the city’s glittering skyline.


Best Boat Fishing Spots

Of course, in order to enjoy all these boating spots, you’ll need to keep your vessel in good condition. While it’s important to keep an eye on the forecast before embarking on a boating expedition, your boat is still vulnerable to bad weather when it’s on dry land.

Get in touch with Altec to have a custom boat shelter installed on your property. Using materials that blend in seamlessly with your home, we can design structures for boats of all sizes. Sturdy and weather-resistant, our boat ports are built to withstand Queensland’s unpredictable climate. If you’re not sure whether your yard has enough room for a boat port, book a free design consultation today.


Gardening Tips for Spring


Want to whip your garden into shape for the warmer weather? Whether your patio is your yard’s main feature or you have acres of flowers and trees to care for, every landscape needs tending to at this time of year. With some handy horticultural tricks, you can help your garden thrive during spring.

So make the most of the milder temperatures with these top tips for springtime gardening.


Lawn Care 101

Lawn Care 101

Start your spring yard work from the ground up. First on the list: your lawn. If your grass is looking a little patchy after all those frosty winter mornings, now’s the perfect time to nurse it back to health.

Take these steps at the start of spring to give your lawn a makeover:

  • •  Trim the tops of the grass with a light mow – don’t go too short as it will be hard for it to bounce back, and don’t leave any grass clippings over the yard.
  • •  Aerate your lawn by using a garden spike to poke holes throughout the yard. This will allow better oxygen, water and nutrient circulation and promote growth.
  • •  Top dress your lawn. Use a quality top dressing and rake it out evenly through your grass. Try to avoid covering it up entirely – you want the dressing to be about 1-2cm deep in at the roots.
  • •  Water it down, then avoid walking on it or mowing it for a week or so.


Potted Plant Paradise

Potted Plant Paradise

Why not celebrate spring by adding an extra touch of greenery to your outdoor space? From glossy ceramic vases to classic terracotta pots, you can display your favourite plants any way you want. If you’re starting from scratch, be sure to get your hands on some quality potting mix. Don’t use soil from your garden, as it could be infested with pests or weeds. Pick up some potting mix from your local nursery to ensure your plants grow big and strong.

When it comes to planting spring bulbs in a pot plant, the bulb should be buried at a depth 2 to 3 times its own height. This ensures the flower stem will have enough support once it starts to grow. Even though the weather usually remains mild during spring, don’t forget to water your pot plants regularly. The soil inside a pot plant dries out a lot faster than ground soil, and your plants may get a little thirsty on warmer days.



Flower Power

Flower Power

Not sure what kind of flowers to plant during spring? These are some of our springtime favourites:

  • •  Pansies – These low growers can brighten up any garden bed
  • •  Heucheras – Also known as coral bells, heucheras come in a variety of pretty colours and leaf shapes
  • •  Kale – While not technically a flower, if you’re trying to grow a veggie garden, kale is the perfect springtime edible. It’s tolerant to the cold, and won’t wilt once summer rolls around
  • •  Lilac – Embrace the sweet fragrances of spring by planting some lilac in your garden.


Flower Power

Not much of a green thumb? If you’d rather fill your garden with elegant outdoor structures than pretty flowers, get in touch with Altec today. We are here to help you design the perfect patio, deck or carport for your yard.

Our expert patio designers can create an extension that flows seamlessly between your indoor and outdoor areas. Regardless of your property’s size, we know all the tricks for making the most of underutilised spaces. To transform your garden, Altec can install flyover patios, gabled patios, pergolas, alfresco dining areas and a range of other outdoor structures.

Book in a free consultation to start planning your garden makeover today.


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