How Having a Quality Carport Can Save You A Lot of Money


Cars are one of those things in life that when working properly, you barely notice. Unfortunately, though, when things go wrong, repairing a vehicle can end up costing you large amounts of money. With so many variables – and so many mechanical elements that need regular maintenance – it’s smart to try to minimise the risks your car, van, bike or ute is exposed to.

So how can you protect your car or other vehicle? A carport is a sound investment that can save you a lot of money over the years. Here’s how!


Protection from the weather

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, then you definitely need some sort of roof to protect your car from the elements. From extreme heat causing the interior to age, to hail damaging the body, the cost of repairing weather damage can skyrocket into the thousands. Not only that – if a storm sweeps through the area, even getting your vehicle booked in to be fixed can be a nightmare.

A high-quality carport can help protect your car from weather damage, potentially saving you both time and money.


Safeguard from physical damage

Have you ever heard of gum trees dropping their branches? From natural phenomenon to more general debris, you’d be surprised at how many cars sustain damage while sitting parked in a street or driveway. Physical damage is costly to repair, so having somewhere safe to store your vehicle when it’s not in use can save you considerable amounts of money!


Potential to reduce insurance premiums

Some insurance providers will ask whether your vehicle is kept in any sort of protective environment. While lock-up garages are obviously ideal when it comes to reducing risk, the extra protection offered by carports can potentially lower your premiums. On top of that, if you can avoid having to make claims for the sorts of damages we mentioned earlier, your premiums are more likely to stay the same, saving you cash over the years.

Your vehicle isn’t just an expensive investment – it’s also often essential for transportation. Give it the protection it deserves to keep it on the road (and out of your savings!).

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How Adding a Patio to Your Outdoor Area Can Add Value to Your Home


You’ve probably already heard all the standard tips on how to add value to your home – a fresh coat of paint, making sure the floors are in good condition, and updating your fixtures. But there’s a really simple idea for adding value to your home that you can enjoy right up until the day you decide to sell.

Building a covered patio to improve your outdoor area is one way to increase the value of your home while also making it more comfortable and practical for your family to use day to day. Here are a few reasons agents and buyers alike love a well-designed patio.


More living space

Floor space is often a crucial element taken into consideration when a home is valued. Buyers are always on the lookout for a property with enough space to enjoy the company of friends and family in communal living areas without needing to be in each other’s pockets. By building a spacious outdoor area, you can extend your floor space without needing to invest in an entire new wing of the house.


Get the indoor/outdoor lifestyle

If you’ve got a lovely outdoor space and the weather to match, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of indoor/outdoor living? With options like heat deflective roofing and built-in ceiling fans, even the hottest summer days can be enjoyed outdoors. Added bonus: if you’re comfortable outside, then you aren’t shut away indoors running the air conditioning all day!


Physically transforms your house

The addition of a covered patio, no matter where it is placed on your home, can completely change its appearance. Whether you’re making a more modern façade or creating a surprise outdoor oasis behind your house, a new patio can add an element of sophistication that both you and an agent or buyer can truly appreciate.

Building a patio for your home will offer you many benefits now and well into the future. Already got a patio? Check out our handy tips on getting it ready for summer!


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